4 December 2012

Again, Here we go

I am almost certain that the more things change the more they stay the same. I was looking at some old posts circa 2005 and the relationship troubles  have not changed much. Difference is i seem to judge character better and faster than before.

One of the way that things have not changed is the beginning, okay maybe a little, since this instance girl is hooked up for a blind date with boy. On meeting, they realize that they have met before, in fact boy has been to girl's house for a party *insert quizzical look here*. Apparently he remembers her while she doesn't anyway, who cares the date goes on. Here is the thing, he is a sharp dude and conversation is ridiculously good and he is a lot of things that girl likes (yes, i love lists).

Then some really good times, mixed signals, second guessing, conversation with a friend to check if she is not over thinking it ...  Slowly the dopamine rush fades away and with it the rose colored glasses clear. I like him, he knows it and says he likes me too. why do i feel like am 16 again ? If only crushes, love and relationships got easier with time. 

As my dad says no one can claim to be an expert in love, each person comes with a new set of terms.