14 December 2007

Zero Seven

Another Christmas, another end of year. Zero Seven has been a good one for me all round in terms of answered prayers. Even in those answered prayers some answers have been hard to swallow seeing that they are not exactly what I had in mind and would have preferred to wait than hear no!

Growing up I always had a strained relationship with my Mum yet with age that seems to be healing itself. She has prayed me through so many things and situations like mwendwa among many others. I have come to understand and admire her greatly. I see her image and influence in me and i know that am blessed. I will always be daddy’s girl no matter what. I have always looked at him through rose colored glasses yet this year I have learnt that he is also human. My parents are to me my greatest blessing, granted that it has not always been rosy but with age a lot of their actions and words make sense. With that there is lot of forgiveness, appreciation and love. Am thankful for my siblings plus in-laws who became family and made an auntie out of me. Tis true that we had hard times adjusting but as was clear the other day we are now family. Without you all I wouldn’t have the place I call home, the support, the love, the encouragement and above all the prayers.

While I have made a lot of friends (in person and online), with the New Year I pray that I can rekindle some of friendships that due to lack of communication have slumped into a coma. I have met bloggers that I now call friends (see blog roll) from the carribean, naijabloggers and my peoples (Kenya). Funny how through reading your blogs and the endless chat I have come to know you and share with you more than I ever thought possible. Now I have loads friends I am yet to meet, thank you for sharing my life. For all the lurkers and good Anons am sure all bloggers will agree with me, thank you.

Careerwise, a lot of movements way better than the last year and '08 looks even better. Still got faith that in '08 i can get schooling.

My relationship with God has come long way we are getting along better. Still I feel there is a lot more to be done with regards to my consistency yet in the New Year I have hope that it can only get better. I know for sure without God am nothing, so all glory and honor to Him.

Lastly, to someone who gets most of me and has made it better. Looking forward to greater heights of friendship.

How has yours been?