16 February 2007

The Mlolongo Saga...

Once upon a time during Easter break and i was home alone seeing that i was on duty that holiday so no chance of Rendezvous right?. Wrong! Being a Sunday i decided to go
make peace with God an sincerely pass time. I am as presbyterian as they come and
you now know that our service will start at 1100hrs and end somewhere after
1300hrs that is after the greeting and how-do-you-dos then i would find stuff to
do. So all dolled out in my church clothes, i sauntered to church. There is
always a problem when you are looking goo and you know it. So much so that when a
brother hollered the hips especially got a like of their own. So he steeped up and
unleashed vibe and seeing that i was running later i asked him to give me his
number and i would call him after church.
After church, back in the crib am all bored so i holler at the brother and he
says he will be by to pick me up. So we decided to go for Nyama Choma and then
watch soccer, after careful consideration it was decided whilst we were already
on Mombasa Road that we should go watch it at Mlolongo some place he knew. Next
stop, The Kraal, and there was small talk, soccer, one nyama, one beer two beer
many. At around 1800hrs we agreed that we had better head back seeing that we had
had quite a number so we headed back. Now on the way, he asked to stop at a place
and i obliged so i was left in the car whilst he went in name of the place,
Continental Bar and Lodging. I figured he had to answer mother natures call. So we
drive on for like 10 mins and see a place called Tops that seemed to be kicking
and we agreed to have one last one. So after the one last one, we headed back to
the car then she was driving heading from whence we had come so i asked him to
stop at some petrol station. We are sitting in the car arguing over where he
thinks he is going when he mentions in passing that he had booked a room. First i
grab my bag and get out of the car. Drama begins as we start to argue, insults
are hurled back and forth. Luckily, there are cops around who intervene and ask
us to get into the car and leave and the follow their own advice. So this guy
passing by asks if he can take me "home" of course after the whole story has been
told and i thank hi and decline. By then am hysterical, i am cussing at him and
he is trying to calm me down then he gets fed up and asks me what did i expect
that it was all for free. In my head" kwanza nikakushukua nyubani tena na gari
yangu, arafu nimekununuria nyama tena shoma, arafu umekura na ugari na kashumbari
tena iko na firifiri, arafu nimenunua pobe tena baridi aaaah shuma rasima irare
dani..". Clearly that was not in the agenda for me so the argument went on as if
on cue the cops were here. We were bundled in the back of the police Lorry. Now i
sobered up, after i was done crying, i called R, who is my godson's daddy.Oh he was higher than me and in a pub that was so noisy...
Gish: hi, i have been busted by cops and they are taking us to Mlolongo police
R: ati (laughs ) wacha ujinga (laughs some more)
(he passes the phone to his cousin)
J: ati Mlolongo uko sure (laughs)
(back to BD)
R: uko mlolongo sawa basi kesho asubuhi (laughs ) enjoy!
By then we are the police station. MOre drama i stand the sight of him almost
made me regurgitate. So the process of being logged in began, Ladies first, mark
you i was in a skirt, heels and shawl. So the contents of my bag were logged in
then was asked to remove my shoe, that didnt work well so they let me keep both
seeing that i limping by then more sober than a judge. So we were shown to our
humble abode, some office converted to hold female offenders seeing that it was
peak season and the cells were full. Once locked up safely, the sharing began
what were you doing and in the process my story was told. "(in a kao accent)Ati
alikulipia condinendal ukakataa, loom za one thousand? asi"
Much later when the cops were bored, i was called out and given an update.
Apparently, dude mentioned that i was the girlfriend. It didnt help either that
all the cops that night were Merus, so i was told that the dude aka bwana yako
had a lot of money since he had logged in USD 300 and some Kshs.25K and they went
on and on and on. After that i was escorted back to the cell and allowed to use
my phone. I never knew you can sleep whilst standing, so shortly it was morning.
We were called out two of us to sweep outside after which "tea" was served
clearly i wasn't going to take it. Whilst peeping out i was the ever familiar
plates and two figures emerge. The rescue team was here. So we had to wait for
the OCS who came and did the roll call. Now here he calls out your name, you
answer sir! when he got to me he asked which college i was in and i lied. Then
with an evil grin sarcastically asks," Walikutoa kwa darasa laughter>eh?"
After what seemed like eternity i was called out and went to some office for
processing. We were made to sit next to each other really close then signed off
and let to go. So i get out R&J make me stand in sun so that i can rid myself of
the smell of the cell. Shortly, this guy walks up to me and introduces himself as
the Dude's brother then proceeds to ask if i knew that dude was married and am
like NO. he gives his apologies and we leave. After that fed, caned, taunted,
taken home and made to swear that next time i want nyama so bad i will call them.

6 February 2007

Fed up!

Disclaimer: My blog my rant dont like it click next!!
One thing i have learnt two things i dismiss. First things first the demon drink second but by no means least men. I know way too many good men and yet am still screwing up. Demon drink for the main reason is the drama in this story since we have already tried the part where we drink rationally and it hasn't worked. Clearly we have failed and yes i quat(yeah i quat) not i quit i have already done it.
See Friday was the straw that broke the camel's back. In-house, chulled out catching up over a couple of drinks. I have a high affinity for two types of men from Indian Ocean and its surroundings and foreigners. In this story the Good,there was this Ssebo who i think was looking too luscious especially after one too many. Not so bad I went for it lets just say the Githongo's dossier has nothing on me. Bad, humph that conversation has been replaying itself in my mind now ugly, every time i recall that i cringe! That besides brought back memories of Mlolongo Police station another one of Demon drinks' excursions (story for another day).
I am yet to find out what the heck about me says "forever" or "take care of". I have never thought of myself as one of those that provoke such thoughts... So when i get this offers to get married or be a mistress am thoroughly disturbed.I know what you are thinking, yes keeping in tradition i have been running but am tired. Whatever happened to those days when all men wanted was a girlfriend? Is my age really showing that much ebu you fedex botox ASAP. No i dont want to marry you and no i dont want you to move me to a different hood and pay my rent and gimme money ah! I miss the days when people went out for a drink no obligations... As if that is not enough then the cases of the exes what the heck. Ati it has suddenly dawned on you that am the best you ever had first you are not getting jack am now a registered member of the BT and might lose miles if i get off. Secondly your revelation is 6 months too late. I have never been so fed up as i am now.I know that its seasonal and this too shall come to pass but somebody FFWD this scene. Don't get me wrong its not like i have people queuing to ask its just that the few that i meet and like go that way. So i don't want to like anymore and don't like me too just let me be. I will be sure to keep it to myself if i like you too so as to avoid any future discomfort. Another thing i love my Kenyan brothers to death yes i do despite your many misdemeanors but i just prefer the ones above and i cant explain why? Luck why don't you be a lady and shove off and take cupid with you please....

1 February 2007

The Stirring: Is that it?

So its over with/out the option to remain friends or sworn enemies, the we is now I and yes this too shall come to pass. So what happens to
I don’t know what I’d do without you
You are the best thing that ever happened to me
Our song, our place, the memories created and shared
All I want and ever need is you
The vision of you, him/her, x children in the suburbs
One minute Farewell party next welcome back party on the Bilas train
I think he/she is the one (whatever that means)
That feeling of being whipped, in love et al
The being blessed and privileged to have known the person
Thank God I found you
Words don’t do justice to what I feel for you
The understanding and standing up for other
My mind wont think of nothing but you
Forever, I do, I swear….
I Love and trust you

Blah blah blih all this and more then shortly, Tis been real? So what happens between Endless Love and Doing Just fine….Is that it no really is that it soap lather rinse ad infinitum….