6 February 2007

Fed up!

Disclaimer: My blog my rant dont like it click next!!
One thing i have learnt two things i dismiss. First things first the demon drink second but by no means least men. I know way too many good men and yet am still screwing up. Demon drink for the main reason is the drama in this story since we have already tried the part where we drink rationally and it hasn't worked. Clearly we have failed and yes i quat(yeah i quat) not i quit i have already done it.
See Friday was the straw that broke the camel's back. In-house, chulled out catching up over a couple of drinks. I have a high affinity for two types of men from Indian Ocean and its surroundings and foreigners. In this story the Good,there was this Ssebo who i think was looking too luscious especially after one too many. Not so bad I went for it lets just say the Githongo's dossier has nothing on me. Bad, humph that conversation has been replaying itself in my mind now ugly, every time i recall that i cringe! That besides brought back memories of Mlolongo Police station another one of Demon drinks' excursions (story for another day).
I am yet to find out what the heck about me says "forever" or "take care of". I have never thought of myself as one of those that provoke such thoughts... So when i get this offers to get married or be a mistress am thoroughly disturbed.I know what you are thinking, yes keeping in tradition i have been running but am tired. Whatever happened to those days when all men wanted was a girlfriend? Is my age really showing that much ebu you fedex botox ASAP. No i dont want to marry you and no i dont want you to move me to a different hood and pay my rent and gimme money ah! I miss the days when people went out for a drink no obligations... As if that is not enough then the cases of the exes what the heck. Ati it has suddenly dawned on you that am the best you ever had first you are not getting jack am now a registered member of the BT and might lose miles if i get off. Secondly your revelation is 6 months too late. I have never been so fed up as i am now.I know that its seasonal and this too shall come to pass but somebody FFWD this scene. Don't get me wrong its not like i have people queuing to ask its just that the few that i meet and like go that way. So i don't want to like anymore and don't like me too just let me be. I will be sure to keep it to myself if i like you too so as to avoid any future discomfort. Another thing i love my Kenyan brothers to death yes i do despite your many misdemeanors but i just prefer the ones above and i cant explain why? Luck why don't you be a lady and shove off and take cupid with you please....


  1. You are wifely material or something to that effect and that should be a good thing no?

    What were you doing at mlolongo police station? I had to ask!

  2. ....tHE ONES above, eh? hihi!! Kidole yangu imebonyeza kidude...prrrrrwyrrrrrr....Sa uko poa?....Nysss! Saa I was was sayin *Yani back in the B-Train*...Ile ndo mtaa yangu....Unacheki that ka-hao ovva theaaaa...

  3. Ah, mami...tihiii (((((((((Gish))))). How have you been? Halafu now, eti bilas train? whats that? Tehe, I jumped off and like i am so never going back...I would shrivel and die!!

    Riiri, that solid old 'move you to a proper neighborhood, buy you a lush landrover...." Can you spell SHACKLES!!!!! That is a stupid ploy by men who think they can keep a woman that-a-way. The minute it happens, that man hasd some absurd power over you..like you so cant break up with him cos your 95k a month apartment kwani who will pay...boooloooocks. Those offers come with sisal ropes I tell you.

    Pole, naona umerudi pare pare..is gon be aiiight! Your hour of glory is coming! asiiii.
    Hugses, uko poa lakin?

  4. Prous, that would be a good thing if the men were eligible but they are not... Reminds me of mkipendwa hampendeki and msipopendwa mwapendwa tut!
    Bantutu, hii bilaz train i hope kuna bonga points for the longest serving...
    {{{{{{{{Kamum}}}}}}}}, aki and then kidogo am hukos langaing to pay rent since i will have zoead maisha of uptown LOL. the bilas train is a sad thing the board(read me myself and I) tunatengeneza mikakati ya kuondoa hiyo memebrship (enuf swa).

  5. Prous Mlolongo story coming up nextt...

  6. Pole dear, been on the bilas train for..., wacha nisiseme, and i have to concur(sp) with kenyanmusings the house the ride hata sio sisal ni platinum strings and they will choke the life out of you. Guilt trips on a silver plate is what i like to call them.

  7. LOL

    Lakini chunga the bar on the bilas train. You might unwittingly indulge in some kanywaji and find yourself kicked off by the ever present conductor Nick for un-BT-like behaviour!

    Plus all your Bonga points will be withdrawn LMAO!!

  8. Ma Richi pole sana. It feels bad when you know your mwelekeo then some cat shows you that you can shift from there. shidwe pepo chafu kama pepo punda.

  9. Gish

    Hope what you are looking for come's your way on 14th

  10. some dudes are funny..ati you move to another hood then he pays for your everything and then? eish kwani wewe ni puppet? dont worry, someone nice will come your way, bila those storo za si i keep you uptown :-)

  11. What happens to when men wanted girlfriends. Get what yu mean. No you don't want to move!!! power girl. Ati drink not any more and you are on BT Haleluya


    And yes we are waiting for the Mlolongo story!

  12. One end of the spectrum to another. I reach the ripe old age of 33, and nary a proposal in sight. Not that I want tp et married, but at least one would be nice.

    I REALLY want to hear about the "Mlolongo Police station" later!! Now that also sounds like an interesting story...

  13. ALL ABOARD!!!!

    aaaah the good ol days...

    i'm joining the mlolongo for that mlolongo vibe

  14. Si u drop me a line when I am in town coz too many women think I am hubby material!
    Can't a brother just chill out too? I am waiting for the mlolongo story too!

  15. what language are u using? nikaa unajaribu kizungu lakini u did not maliza std. 8

  16. You are so funny!! It isn't easy to get off the B-train when there are no viable options!!! The ex-issue is one that I will never understand either!!