29 June 2007

Anniversary & Errs

Tomorrow, we hit the terrible twos. Hard to believe that its already been two years of blogging,blog-hoing, meet ups et al. First, Gish and i wish to thank all those who have taken time to comment and/or lurk. Secondly, we are ever so grateful to the friends we have made(anaa post). Thank you for taking time.

I lashed out and hurt two people badly.Unfortunately both have no idea why they were treated the way they were.I have apologized to both and i pray that we can make up. The thought of losing their friendship is driving me nuts and makes me so sad. Aint no sunshine.

AOB: The new Psys Westlands is looking good. Location, where Midas used to be Unga house.Happy weekend people.

28 June 2007

I want to Run Away

by Karen C Vanderlaan

sometimes, life is just tough.....

I want to run away,

Just be gone – check out

I long to hide away

And bury my head in my hands

To just cry until I am all cried out

Done - no tears left

Cry till all the sad is gone

I wish for long, long hours to sleep

To rise only to return and slip back

between sheets that never cooled

I desire the sleep of no interruption

Till all the exhaustion has lifted

From my heavily laden eyes

But… none of this will I do

I will get up each day the crack of dawn

I will continue the endless motions

That make this life of mine work

Putting one foot in front of the other

Over and over again

27 June 2007


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Dunno how to explain this but am just full of jumbled up emotions.I hate this ride, sometimes feeling vulnerable,insecure,unsure and others feeling like the luckiest woman alive.Today am at the bottom.
I take friendships very seriously. My close friends i can count on one hand. I have the habit of keeping people at arms length and not getting so attached but when i do its hook, line and sinker. The distance will normally help when i need to walk away, am one of those who when i walk i just keep at it. I hate it when a supposed friend who knows i posses a certain quality exploits it. I will most often take loads of crap, point it out to you to rectify if the said manners persist then i will walk away. I think sometimes its better to leave early than to wait until it is so bad this way there is at least a chance that we can be courteous to each other when we meet.
I try my best to be a good friend and get very disappointed when it feels like the effort is one-sided. At this point i will be forced to do a cost-benefit analysis which often results to me counting my losses and aborting the mission. Right now, there's an ongoing audit. I know that should i choose to walk away from this, it will hurt like hell yet part of me is sure that we will be ok.

Love or Lust?

In the words of Dr. John H. Sklare, knowing if you are in love is easy for some but difficult for others. I also have a strong professional inkling that, since this is a feelings type of question, it’s an issue that we men struggle with more than women do. Let me begin this discussion, however, with a simple statement that I always use to help people think this love question through. I think there are basically two reasons why people are drawn together. If I can be so bold as to greatly oversimplify, it’s either because of want or it’s because of need. In my opinion, relationships based on want are the happiest and most satisfying. Those that are based on need tend to be more emotionally volatile and a lot less gratifying. In short, love is healthiest and at its very best when it is framed around two people who want to be together.

Another issue that makes this difficult arises when one tends to confuse love with lust. There are definitely some tangential elements of love involved in lust, but lust is primarily a physical longing, whereas love is a much deeper and comprehensive emotional experience. In short, lust is often what draws people together, but it’s love that keeps them there. Love involves a deep and genuine respect and caring that only comes after you get to know that other person very well over time. On the other hand, since lust is primarily a physical matter, it doesn’t demand any personal knowledge of that other person at all, and it certainly doesn’t require respect or commitment. I believe that you know it is love when you truly think of that other person as a dear friend that you can’t imagine life without and would gladly, as they say, take a bullet for. Love is about the daily realities of respect, commitment and compatibility whereas lust is a much more fleeting experience that takes place more in one’s fantasy life than one’s real life. So, I suggest you ask yourself whether you need this person in your life or you truly want this person in your life. If you can’t bear the thought of not having this person in your day and you want to spend the rest of your days together, I suggest it’s time to admit that love is in the air! So what do you think? Is it love or is it lust? Only you know the answer to that question!

13 June 2007

My Music

First off to all who have passed this way no am not snobbing. Below is music that has been keeping me sane while down under...

Eric Wainaina has an album out called Twende Twende a brother can sing. This album has me dancing in my chair, picking favorites is almost impossible but i do love twende twende- feat. Oliver Mtukudzi, Jana ni Jana, Adhiambo (though i cant understand it but the beat is timam).

  • Tz 70's Jazz bands,Taarab

  • Download Zilizopendwa

  • I shall be back soon. Thanks y'all.