28 June 2007

I want to Run Away

by Karen C Vanderlaan

sometimes, life is just tough.....

I want to run away,

Just be gone – check out

I long to hide away

And bury my head in my hands

To just cry until I am all cried out

Done - no tears left

Cry till all the sad is gone

I wish for long, long hours to sleep

To rise only to return and slip back

between sheets that never cooled

I desire the sleep of no interruption

Till all the exhaustion has lifted

From my heavily laden eyes

But… none of this will I do

I will get up each day the crack of dawn

I will continue the endless motions

That make this life of mine work

Putting one foot in front of the other

Over and over again


  1. ...enyewe...i wish...not the cried out part..but ile ya kudoro...

    On point!!!

  3. Gish, whats evoking all these mafeelings?

    pokea hugs excess

  4. so so true... thank you for letting it all out and thank you for visiting!