29 January 2009

Spuds Anon.

Hi am Gish and am a chipaholic. Its been 2 hours since my last plate of chips, i just cant seem to walk away especially those long crispy golden brown chips with some ketchup,vinegar, some salt and a hint of pepper(esp fried pepper).Just the thought of it has my glands salivating.

The downside of all this is best said as "sweet on the lips forever on the hips". Seeing that its a bit too easy to make, they are a common feature on my menu. I love them even more when they are spiced up, you know masala chips with coleslaw.

I knew it was time to quit or reduce when nothing in my wardrobe fits.The other day i was traveling on a bumpy road and most of me was literally jiggling then i knew it was time to quit. So here goes ...

ps: The insomnia is gone.

7 January 2009



I can’t seem to get enough sleep since the beginning of December ’08, which was good at first since I could stay up reading for the exams. Then I completed my exams and had a few days off and all I wanted was to sleep. I got to sleep at 3am watching videos or the business channel only to wake up the next day by half six in the am. Now that the holidays are done with I want my sleep back, still have the same problem only that now I can’t seem to wake up on time to get to work. Guaranteed that the alarm goes off at six am but then am tired and sleepy. Thanks to Google and my mothers wise words I have tried all the tricks: hot chocolate before bed, hot shower, reading before bed, clearing out my mind, light meals for dinner still to no avail and the heat at night doesn’t help at all. The next day, is filled with yawns that am trying to cure with hot water, mints. Sleep aside, what happens once am asleep is the other issue. I have this dreams that I could swear are real, seriously erotic dreams(whole other post)*blush*. No I don’t need some, am not getting any but really if my subconscious is trying to send a message I already got it loud and clear.

The upside to this whole story is I have had time to listen to music I have collected over time. My friend says it must be the music that I have been playing while trying to sleep that is the cause of my dreams. You tell me I have been in the company of Marvin, Lenny Williams,The King Coles, Gershwin, Ann Nesby, Billie Holiday, Teddy Pendergrass, Bessie Smith(thanks Stephen Bess), Dave Coz, Meshell Ndegeocello, Al green, Norah Jones(thanks 31337),Isaac Hayes, Barry White, Kenny G, Etta James, Ella F, Some Neo Soul,90s R&B(brownstone, xcape,SWV) just but a few.
Anywho, I need to sort this sleep and dreams thing. Any ideas?

Ps: Pray your year is filled with God’s favor.