29 January 2009

Spuds Anon.

Hi am Gish and am a chipaholic. Its been 2 hours since my last plate of chips, i just cant seem to walk away especially those long crispy golden brown chips with some ketchup,vinegar, some salt and a hint of pepper(esp fried pepper).Just the thought of it has my glands salivating.

The downside of all this is best said as "sweet on the lips forever on the hips". Seeing that its a bit too easy to make, they are a common feature on my menu. I love them even more when they are spiced up, you know masala chips with coleslaw.

I knew it was time to quit or reduce when nothing in my wardrobe fits.The other day i was traveling on a bumpy road and most of me was literally jiggling then i knew it was time to quit. So here goes ...

ps: The insomnia is gone.


  1. Hi, I am Phassie. I have been sober for 14 months and 23 days.

  2. And am Mama SR have been sober for 14 days now. Welcome to the club hope we conquer.

  3. I miss oily Kenyan fries :(.

  4. aarrrggghhhh Now I want chips. Off to get some, kwanza the ones with vinegar and ketchup. Let me run.

  5. Um yeah your sleeping, eating plats of those things would put anyone to sleep..

    I love fries with slobby gravy and poutine...

  6. Chips!!!!!!!!!! Sigh....especially with salt, vinegar, ketchup, hint of garlic mayo...sometimes cheese..

    Throw in coleslaw si you are killing me!

    Be strong!!

  7. Happy 09!

    when i was in kenya over dec i went looking for exoctica where i used to eat masala chips with kebab and a lemon to squeeze on top. I think they closed or moved elsewhere,

  8. my dear, that addiction is not easy to shake....s yeeey to the hips!

  9. Hi am Robyn and am a poemaholic its been 5 days since i had one,, i like your stuff ill be here more often.

  10. Hi, I'm Archer and I am a chips-a-holic! (And I mean chips in the fries variety, si hio chips ingine) I have fries every single day even though I know it's very unhealthy. I love chips masala, or just golden fried with sweet and sour sauce and coleslaw!

  11. Hi, I'm Kafai and am a chips-a-holic. I have been clean for 10 days now. I ..I am not sure if I am strong enough to do this.....the hallucinations are getting worse, I am putting ketchup on the carrot sticks and....thank you. (sits down)

  12. I eat what i like, life is too short not to enjoy the foods you like. just eat less at a time, less frequently and get some exercise in.

  13. Sometimes I have cravings for fries (quickly and shyly sits down). Isn't that what we are doing, some chipaholic anonymous confession? LOL

  14. Nakeel: we will overcome just you wait.
    Aco:awww wish i could attach some here.
    3toc: we must have some of those next time you in town.
    CP: actually light supper and exercise helped alot. i hear that combi.
    Val my dear, am trying off fries at least for now.
    Mwari: i too miss the old exotica. happy 09.
    FG: the hips are growing exponentially.
    Robyn: welcome to this our home.
    Archer:knowing that they are unhealthy doesnt help its the taste that keeps bringing me back.
    Kafai: somehow i thint he carrot sticks are a better option just that it doesnt taste the same.
    Stunner: Ditto, that is my plan eat anything then burn it through exercise.
    Savvy: its okay we all have cravings for fries, moderation is the key here.

  15. afrofeminizta@yahoo.com5 February 2009 at 05:27

    Was actually thinking of frying some up today, but it proved too much work, so i stopped to buy some, but too nasty looking, so settled for Nachos...good luck weaning self off Chips (not bloody Fries!)