22 December 2011

Line Them Up

Its been a long minute since i was here. Now i decided to go back to school to do my  MBA and between school, life, love+relationships, family, side hustle there honestly hasn't been a lot of time to do anything. Best news, SCHOOL'S OUT, okay so not just yet but on 23.12.11 at noon, mama is done with semester one exams and party begins. I have mad psych for a night of partying more than an Amish teen on rumspringer. Now since i have two week break between now and the second semester beginning i intend to have a lot of good times. So line them up...

Just in case am not able to get back in time. Happy *insert appropriate holiday here* to you and yours. Please be safe and blessings.

Oh yeah and happy new year you know just in case.

Lastly for my favorite toast,
Here's to more money, good health, better sex, great friendships and good times.