13 January 2010

Day 10

One of my goals this year is to read the Bible cover to cover, which i have already started and today marks my tenth day. My other desire has been to grow closer to God hence the reading His word and my other plan to ensure that i make it to church at least twice a month. Twice a month because one weekend every month am travelling and the other is Communion Sunday.I find myself praying more but not the kneel down kind of prayer more like an ongoing conversation as the day goes by. I am blessed in so many ways and i want to see more of the blessings than the lack since sometimes its easier to complain.
I believe that God talks to us and one thing has been dominant for me since the beginning of this year. Over the years i have mellowed out and become more cautious which has sometimes seen me shy away from challenges. This one thing has been recurring to me; Be strong and courageous. I am getting there, sometimes its easy and other times i feel like it will not happen, yet am learning to trust again. In the words of my mum this is the year we realize our goals and dreams. I pray for you that you will dream big and have the strength plus courage to go achieve whatever it is that your heart desires.

Ps: Happy New Year.