6 October 2008

Count Down to the Pearl!

Its Monday at half four and it feels like there was no weekend. Thank God a few urgent things are done though there a few things that are pending with deadline being tomorrow. Pressure is mounting, all in days work. One thing that keeps me going and actually puts a smile on my face. This week ends on Thursday seeing that Friday is a holiday. On that very Thursday after work shall find me headed for the border.
I am off to Kampala with my girl-in-crime Shi, there is trouble to be made.There is a couple of cold Nile Special and some Ug with Gish on them. Some Pork at Zanzi, Rolex at Wandegeya and Katoko with Gnut sauce at my friends house. I can already see my favorite hangout joints as at the last time i was there in June 08. The best thing about the trip is the clique that is waiting, boy can they party, they never disappoint always a new place to discover.
Heres to three days of absolute throw down. All i can say there might be pictures. Can Thursday get here already!!!!