11 November 2010


This song makes me happy. I love me some Lingala music but this is just better way better. :)


3 November 2010

Heart Matters.

A while back Sisbigbones asked  at what point do you stop being picky and just settle? I figure you don't you do life and it happens when it happens, because when i stopped looking is when i found him. Funny how our definition of love changes as we mature and so does the perception of the perfect mate. When i was younger ;) i would worry about how the man looks, dresses, what would my friends think of him etc etc. Now i find that those qualitities have changed in that he gets more slack for not being perfect and my expectations are more realistic vis a vie the heroine in Mills & Boon novels i used to read. 

I find that that am keen to understand his beliefs, value systems and most of all relationship with God. For me its a big deal that the person have a relationship and believe in God plus prayer. They don't have to be strict church goer since am more of an e-follower aka the Lord's secret service.
Aside: A guy was  coming out of church one day, and the preacher was standing at the door as he always is to shake hands. He grabbed him by the hand and pulled him aside.
The Pastor said to him, “You need to join the Army of the Lord!”
He replied, “I’m already in the Army of the Lord, Pastor.”
Pastor questioned, “How come I don’t “see you except at Christmas and Easter?”
He whispered back, “I’m in the secret service.”

I digress, but am also keen on his background, who are they and where do his come from. I want to know what are his plans  and what he is doing to achieve those plans. I am curious as to what is his stand on children, abortion, marriage, home ownership, role of the woman in the family, career/business/entrepreneurship, retirement, politics etc, Its not just about having someone to call my own its about friendship, companionship and dependability. The ability to have a conversation without worrying about being judged or a need to be always correct and/or sound sharp. Just to say whats on your mind and have another person critique, laugh, correct or just be silent.

Then there is Sex, the ability for both partners to say what makes them happy and how they want it. Mutual satisfaction is key as we all know the 80-20 rule,when the sex is great its 20% of the relationship and when it sucks its 80%.For some its the ability of the other person to respect the others wishes such as the choice to wait for a while or till marriage before being intimate. Its more of quality than quantity. 

Lastly there is no easy relationship you work at it everyday and it doesn't stop. Love, friendship,  compromise and forgiveness make it easier. For me it giving and treating your partner as you would yourself. Keep the fights clean and the sex dirty.

15 September 2010

Sights and Scenes of Magadi, Kenya.

Magadi Soda Company is a leading producer of sodium carbonate and salt founded in 1911. Past the factory are the glorious hot springs which are alleged to restore virginity, took a dip and still nothing still makes for great jacuzzi experience. Pics below of the factory, pipeline and hot springs minus Gish (censored!) ok maybe the toes only.

Sunset over the hotsprings

Hiking at Loita Hills, Magadi, Kenya

This past weekend found me hiking at Loita Hills which is 8000ft but the actual hike is about 50km return. Lets just say that am not as fit as i thought and yes the mountain kicked ass. It took me 4 hours to ascend and 2 hours to descend, now a rematch is in progress to ensure that the 4 hours are reduced. It was a lot of fun despite the aches and pains, enjoy the pics. Lets say i now have an inkling as to why Moses was so so mad at the children of Israel.

1 September 2010

SC Day 1: About Me

Day 1 of September Challenge: 5 interesting/special facts about myself. 
  1. I am afraid of the dark ,until recently i had to sleep with a night light on though am learning to exhaust myself so that i just blackout once in bed.
  2. My friends are classified in terms of where i knew them from and tend to hang out with each other in those classifications. I have people i was in school with, people grew up with, my blogger friends, Rotary friends, workmates and others.
  3. As a kid i couldn't stand going to the farm, i would literally do anything to avoid it. Now two weekends a month am in the farm and it seems to be all that i think about.
  4. I love everything to do with food. I love to shop for food, cook, eat and try out new things. I have this endless collection of recipes that are all to be made someday. 
  5. I don't know how to wash and oil my hair i have to go to a salon for that to be done. Maybe i know just don't think that it comes out as clean as when its done by someone else.

18 August 2010

Workplace 101.

In the workplace there are things that are important to observe not only do they make it easier but are also crucial for the survival.
  1. Always work with facts and figures. As long as you cannot prove it then it doesn't exist this is the case especially for hearsay or rumors at work.
  2. Always take calculated risks, trust your instinct but even then have a plan B just in case.
  3. Its work, nothing personal, take criticism/correction as it is. Differentiate.
  4. Emails and all other written communications are evidence, be careful what you write.
  5. There is very little if any room for emotions, always be as objective as you possibly can. Keep your personal issues aside, always know that you don't need to like/approve of anyone to work with them.
  6. Realize that you are there to work, build your skill base and make some money in the process. Friendships made are extras.
  7. Its not a favor, you work and get paid and you have the job because you are qualified for it. Its mutually beneficial and if you feel undeserving don't show, portray confidence as well take time to understand what the role is about.
  8. Assert yourself, say what you mean. Don't be afraid to say NO. People will always treat you as you present yourself.
  9. Pick your fights carefully.
  10. There is no perfect workplace, do your thing and walk away. Let work things be work things and personal stuff be.
  11. When you decide to resign, try your best to leave in the best terms possible. Be careful if you think you take the counter offer or use it as a means to get a pay rise.
  12. Try your best not to react, walk away or do what you need to calm down then act.
  13. Suck it up, else find another option unless you have no bills. C'est la vie.

12 August 2010


It has been brought to my attention by two separate people that i don't see them as men. Really, dude seriously, you want to go that way? SMH! To paraphrase Katt Williams, it's called SELF-ESTEEM! It's esteem of your self. How am I gonna eff up how you feel about yourself you simple man ? 
 In other words, grow a pair. I still don't understand why people worry about what others think or say about them.  There are people who are worth the trouble and then there is the rest.  Go figure!

27 May 2010

Its sucks sitting here feeling like this. I hate this feeling yet time and again i find myself going through it. Am in the most pain i have ever known, alone, wishing that he or my family was near so that i could have someone to tell me that it will be well. Maybe rub my back, pass the hot water bottle or just hold me. Some days like today i hate being a woman. I cant eat, drink and missed work on days when i have important meetings and need to prove myself. Am tired of this whole thing yet in another few weeks i will be right here again, in pain, alone, in tears and wishing that it was different. There has to be another way really, there must be.
I really can't call my mum because she will only worry and i don't want to be a bother to anyone. Here's to me being strong, somehow have to make it to work tomorrow missed enough already. Still, i wish i wasn't alone just for tonight. Chin up, I will get though this!

30 March 2010

Out and About

My girlfriend was turning the big 3-0 so it was decided that an out of town plan was called for. Here is my attempt at photography (used my phone hence the quality), location was at a campsite in Naivasha. Enjoy. The first two pictures are the inside of the bandas and the other is the outside showers with no roof.