1 September 2010

SC Day 1: About Me

Day 1 of September Challenge: 5 interesting/special facts about myself. 
  1. I am afraid of the dark ,until recently i had to sleep with a night light on though am learning to exhaust myself so that i just blackout once in bed.
  2. My friends are classified in terms of where i knew them from and tend to hang out with each other in those classifications. I have people i was in school with, people grew up with, my blogger friends, Rotary friends, workmates and others.
  3. As a kid i couldn't stand going to the farm, i would literally do anything to avoid it. Now two weekends a month am in the farm and it seems to be all that i think about.
  4. I love everything to do with food. I love to shop for food, cook, eat and try out new things. I have this endless collection of recipes that are all to be made someday. 
  5. I don't know how to wash and oil my hair i have to go to a salon for that to be done. Maybe i know just don't think that it comes out as clean as when its done by someone else.


  1. I relate with... 1 and 5

    good one ;)

  2. what??!..hehehe...just when i'm starting to like the dark,you're hapo still scared of it..lol..ebu try gradually reducing light,like using candles sometimes e.g while in the showie,hio dim dark light is jus purrfect!...p.s you can have quiet music to make it less spooky..trust,you'll luv it :-)

  3. As for the hair....trust me, when you have to do it by yourself, you learn how to get it clean and shiny and what not :)

    As for no. 4. I'm with you. Can't count the number of cooking shows I watch in a week.

  4. @Joliea: support group required with @yellasoul giving tips.
    @Banks, *nod*
    @Val, i will just not my favorite thing.