18 August 2010

Workplace 101.

In the workplace there are things that are important to observe not only do they make it easier but are also crucial for the survival.
  1. Always work with facts and figures. As long as you cannot prove it then it doesn't exist this is the case especially for hearsay or rumors at work.
  2. Always take calculated risks, trust your instinct but even then have a plan B just in case.
  3. Its work, nothing personal, take criticism/correction as it is. Differentiate.
  4. Emails and all other written communications are evidence, be careful what you write.
  5. There is very little if any room for emotions, always be as objective as you possibly can. Keep your personal issues aside, always know that you don't need to like/approve of anyone to work with them.
  6. Realize that you are there to work, build your skill base and make some money in the process. Friendships made are extras.
  7. Its not a favor, you work and get paid and you have the job because you are qualified for it. Its mutually beneficial and if you feel undeserving don't show, portray confidence as well take time to understand what the role is about.
  8. Assert yourself, say what you mean. Don't be afraid to say NO. People will always treat you as you present yourself.
  9. Pick your fights carefully.
  10. There is no perfect workplace, do your thing and walk away. Let work things be work things and personal stuff be.
  11. When you decide to resign, try your best to leave in the best terms possible. Be careful if you think you take the counter offer or use it as a means to get a pay rise.
  12. Try your best not to react, walk away or do what you need to calm down then act.
  13. Suck it up, else find another option unless you have no bills. C'est la vie.

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