5 May 2008


I decided to take last Friday off seeing that Thursday was labor day hence left me with four days to bum and goof off. I did manage to participate in one of those conversations *smh*... It was said that for any woman to keep her man she has to be strict with him. Apparently, men need to be chaperoned to ensure good behavior. Supposedly this is meant to explain why some women want to know where their man is, who he is with, what they are doing and what time he will be home.
In my opinion, if your partner wants to cheat on you no amount of chaperoning will prevent them from doing it. The person will find opportunity in the strangest of places and do it. I would like to believe at the point in time we are dating, you know what you want.Secondly, should a time come and you feel that i no longer meet the criteria you should have the decency to let me know so that we can call it quits. This thing of recruiting his boys or his boys' girlfriends to look out for you is pure gas. My ma says that you should know when to stay and fight and when to walk away. I am assuming that at the point where i launch inquisitions into your whereabouts, doings and recruit spies, it means i don't trust you. Without trust there is no relationship, this is one of the pillars to any relationship. If that is the way to keep a man hallo spinsterhood just because there is some stunts i just wont do.