1 February 2007

The Stirring: Is that it?

So its over with/out the option to remain friends or sworn enemies, the we is now I and yes this too shall come to pass. So what happens to
I don’t know what I’d do without you
You are the best thing that ever happened to me
Our song, our place, the memories created and shared
All I want and ever need is you
The vision of you, him/her, x children in the suburbs
One minute Farewell party next welcome back party on the Bilas train
I think he/she is the one (whatever that means)
That feeling of being whipped, in love et al
The being blessed and privileged to have known the person
Thank God I found you
Words don’t do justice to what I feel for you
The understanding and standing up for other
My mind wont think of nothing but you
Forever, I do, I swear….
I Love and trust you

Blah blah blih all this and more then shortly, Tis been real? So what happens between Endless Love and Doing Just fine….Is that it no really is that it soap lather rinse ad infinitum….


  1. Oiyoiyo!! Its an out-break!! First there was her then her and her...now its Gish!
    Gosh! Ni vepe! Lakini ii mwezi inakuwanga tu mwezi ya stress...Welcome back to the B-Train(Ichiena's words)...There's space uku nyuma...cam tujivinjari..
    Indeed what happened ta all 'o' that(Uiseme kama Jay wa My Wife n Kids)...

  2. darl,i never left the bilaz train i have long membership award. JUst too much shaite going on.Thanks for passing by