30 June 2005


who am i? why be a gashungwa when you can be the real thing the Gishungwa, the difference the former is small the later is big.
I enjoy reading but even more writing on a variety of topics, either in prose or poems or haphazardly( there been waiting to use that word in a sentence). I love to use big words (as jack of will and grace would say 10 dollar words) such as kusambaratika, swahili word for disintergration.
I enjoy the shakespeare language of thou thee doth and pray kinda reminds me of naomba in Tanzania( a whole new blog).
Will keep updating on the any new things about meself.
thank thank.


  1. hey welcome to bloggin gashungwa gaka!

  2. Welcam, deep swa u got going for you. Shakespeare..wow.

    Loving your blog..