1 July 2005

Iam at crossroads in my life now
I have a faint clue how i got here
Though am not really sure how and when
Days have turned into a month and one into many

Just when i thought that i stood firm, i fell
Iam filled with thoughts both positive and negative
It started with the denial, followed by excuses
Time has taught me to accept the reality

The reality, Iam out of work, jobless
After the schooling, shhort gig, the excuses
I accept that iam jobless, out of work
Humorously, Iam a domestic manager

How can i find humor you ask in all these?
How can you not find humor in all these?
How long canthis self-pity last?
How long can i hide from the truth?

Easy, When you come to self-realization
A point of self-reconciliation and acceptance
of who iam, what i have and where iam
A point of decisionmaking and action

I choose to mop around no more
I will get up and get a job if its the last thing i do
I will get back to school and educate myself
i will dream, hope, believe and achieve all i can
Because i know that i can do it
Even more i am a believer in the Almighty God and
I have put all that iam/ ever be in Him.

To be upset over what you don't have is a waste of what you do have.


  1. wishin u luck gettin a job out there

    trust me especially with how human it is to indulge in self pity it is always safe and healthy to have a sense of humor!

  2. Woiyee, don't wallow in self pity you will come out of it.

  3. I'm awed by your enthusiasm. They say falling ain't no biggie, how fast one gets up is. I'm soo happy you are up en going.

    Then,I always say one gotta keep trying. Coz just as love trying donn cost nothing. And not trying?? is the greatest failure! So, u on the right truck girl. Keep the candle burning.

    Hold on to your faith in God and He'll get you there. He says donn be anxious. Be still and know am God.Ain't no one like GOD.

    All the best!

  4. Welcome to the Kenyan Blogs Webring!

  5. thank y'all for the comments. FIY am in college again looking forward to doing masters early next year am still applying. Tis tru Poi God is teaching me a thing too many about myself and my priorities glad to learn now than later.thanks for the support.

  6. Hi,that make me feel glad that i did post. Actually the story was in the living magazine Daily Nation Yesterday. I would love to be a rotarian too.It is a great thing that you touch so many people's lives . God will bless you.What i thought is it is possible to get her at that school which they attend. I can guess they are many needy children too. Cheers. you can contact me skylwan AT YAHOO.COM.

  7. First time on your blog. You know what, good things come to those who wait. Dont worry hon, you will get yours. Its easier said then done, trust me I know but you will be ok. Keep your head up!

  8. @Gichungwa, thanks for stopping by my blog. Read all your comments, very adviced/inspired/encouraged/taught...Really nice, so come more often.

    I left you a reply on each so check em out. Stay blessed girlfriend!

  9. Forward(s) ever, backward(s) never... I'm very sure you'll come right!

    I read somewhere that "Yesterday ended last night! Each new day is a fresh chance at living our dreams!!!"

    BTW. Thanks for dropping by.

  10. Courage, you have what it takes and the humor is great.
    Good luck with your dreams.

  11. i hope things are by now looking better for you.

    God bless!

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