30 June 2005

Of freebies and Promotions

It was inevitable that i would rant and rave about this. Whats with people and free things and that sadly includes me. In the same line of thought whats with those companies with their endless campaigns taunting and tempting freebie-loving individuals like me? My grievance arises for the fact that despite continously participating in their endeavours am yet to win. Remember Mavuno Kenya Mzima, Weka Thao Ushinde, Ponyoka na Pickup I & II even good old charity sweepstake, win a holiday (2 night for two), Maisha ni Poa Competititon etc.

How come all i ever seem to win is the shoot the bug and win a ipod that i gave up waiting for and some lottery that i won online just that i had to give him money to clear the cheque and some bank account haha fat chance.
I must concede though that there are times when it has been worth the while like the terrific tuesday buy one pizza get another free, Free hotdog with every 1000bob fuel, buy 1/4 chicken and get the other free but still i end up paying for it one way or another. Honestly who always has 1000 bob to fuel then again there is a bar of soap for every 500bob fuel still most people fuel 200 bob so there should be a gift for that too say like frequent fueler prize.
Is that Lady Luck or the forces that be do not remember me? Or are some people just plain luckier than others? What is the secret to winning?


who am i? why be a gashungwa when you can be the real thing the Gishungwa, the difference the former is small the later is big.
I enjoy reading but even more writing on a variety of topics, either in prose or poems or haphazardly( there been waiting to use that word in a sentence). I love to use big words (as jack of will and grace would say 10 dollar words) such as kusambaratika, swahili word for disintergration.
I enjoy the shakespeare language of thou thee doth and pray kinda reminds me of naomba in Tanzania( a whole new blog).
Will keep updating on the any new things about meself.
thank thank.