25 April 2007

Mid-Week Malaria

Disclaimer: this post was thought up whilst stuck in jam, left to stare for long periods at smoking bonnets/hood.

Now moving on swiftly,Words, that should be in the dictionary:-
Customer Service; the tout who covered me as i folded my umbrella and made sure that the driver came as close as possible.
Bliss; me plus hot cup of Bournvita as i type this.
Funny; in hindsight, me at GPO, with a blown umbrella screaming a few unprintables.
Kung fu; the sight of me suspended below the hand drier.
Si heri you=dislike;; anybody still in bed at the time of going to press that includes you A.
Malaria; my boys define this as mood swings, tantrums etc. Used in the context where one minute your girl is fine the next she is sulking and no one can explain why.
Miracle; hoping to walk on water without getting wet.
Malice; when the rain starts at 6am to 9am and again at 4pm to 7pm.
Mockery;freezing cold under a billboard with a picture of hot tea being poured.
Not-So-Bright; anyone who insists on using an umbrella while walking under building and even worse wearing a sleeveless shirt then shivering, rubbing frantically to generate heat.
Revenge; me buying a family size umbrella.
Science; the exact positioning of the umbrella when its raining so that both my derrière and the twins are covered sufficiently.
Stoopid; any driver who splashes water at a pedestrian. You wait until i get my magic shoes(see below).

I told A, what i wish for and she thinks i just might be a few letters short of the alphabet.Allow me to explain,there used to be this story book called magic shoes. Now that is exactly what i want; magic shoes that when worn make me invisible. Can you imagine the things i could do if i was invisible *sighs*?Al i can say i would do my best to do good where good is relative, no guarantees.

Then its rainy and cold in Nairobi. Its so cold that i have reverted to sleeping in a sweater, socks and tracks, at least in the event of a fire am set. A while back, someone suggested that to create jobs how about starting an agency where you can hire someone to sleep next to you and keep you warm no strings attached. Am sure that would sell if only now i could guarantee that some customers wont ask for extras *smh, maybe a contract would do, Shiroh, any ideas?


  1. Hello I am visiting your blog-Web and I like much. Congratulations

    If you want you can visit ours, one is but irreverent and iconoclastic blog of the world, and one is in Catalonia - Spain


    Thank you very much


  2. Hey you! I see you are losing gray matter and gaining gray hairs, could it be the brain is oozing out of my head through hair follicles? Hmmmm!

    ...Science; the exact positioning of the umbrella when its raining so that both my derrière and the twins are covered sufficiently.... hilarious!

    I am available for bed warming, other extras are charged as per requirement. :-)

  3. That defination of 'science' is too deadly - my collegues thought i have inhaled some laughing gas.. :-)
    I have pictures & images forming in my mutwe..... *'dreamy'*

  4. I also find it plain daft to wear sleeveless/barely-there clothes and then later start shivering eish?!
    if i had a pair of magic shoes...hihiihiii damn, that would be sweet!

  5. hey i agree wit you fully on your today's post!!but the pleasure of checking in at 12n00n hehehe!!!!
    mami about the malaria part....like somebody we know?????

  6. Yenyewe this ones knocked me off! I guess Customer care happenned 2 me this mornin!
    Oh! How I hate when it rains in the mornings!!!
    Lovely day

  7. Ala!! The defination of mockrey tickled me off!! and what will you be doing under the billboard? maybe staring at another billboard with a KQ ad! while waiting for a mathree hmmm?

  8. While still on the customer care bit. What if the conductor is using your umbrella to do that yet you are a customer si you should ride sare?

    Rain, rain go away

  9. Maria, thanks for passing by and will do that soon as i learn spanish.
    Aeg,for real its a science. I told you i know where you live.bed-warming,Ahem.
    inexes, the issue is the size of he umbrella not the other two LOl.
    Chatterly, magic shoes , invisibility my imagination is running wild. Sleeveless*smh
    bintyy,welcome home swty. 12 noon *sulks*
    Klara, it feels great. I hate rain in the morning unless am in bed.
    peterg, you know how there are billboards everywhere that is how.Welcome to my place.
    Prousette,that cals for cost sharing. Please go go away.

  10. LOL! great post, you have made my day. Invisible shoes! I could do with those!

  11. Still laughing at the Science. I can see you are seeking the warm blooded blanket good luck on your quest.