27 April 2007

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday.
Many happy returns to day and always.
God bless and keep you.
Thank you for everything.
You are in my thoughts and even more in my prayers.
Wishing all the more that you were here.
Missing you and counting the days.

Love always

25 April 2007

Mid-Week Malaria

Disclaimer: this post was thought up whilst stuck in jam, left to stare for long periods at smoking bonnets/hood.

Now moving on swiftly,Words, that should be in the dictionary:-
Customer Service; the tout who covered me as i folded my umbrella and made sure that the driver came as close as possible.
Bliss; me plus hot cup of Bournvita as i type this.
Funny; in hindsight, me at GPO, with a blown umbrella screaming a few unprintables.
Kung fu; the sight of me suspended below the hand drier.
Si heri you=dislike;; anybody still in bed at the time of going to press that includes you A.
Malaria; my boys define this as mood swings, tantrums etc. Used in the context where one minute your girl is fine the next she is sulking and no one can explain why.
Miracle; hoping to walk on water without getting wet.
Malice; when the rain starts at 6am to 9am and again at 4pm to 7pm.
Mockery;freezing cold under a billboard with a picture of hot tea being poured.
Not-So-Bright; anyone who insists on using an umbrella while walking under building and even worse wearing a sleeveless shirt then shivering, rubbing frantically to generate heat.
Revenge; me buying a family size umbrella.
Science; the exact positioning of the umbrella when its raining so that both my derrière and the twins are covered sufficiently.
Stoopid; any driver who splashes water at a pedestrian. You wait until i get my magic shoes(see below).

I told A, what i wish for and she thinks i just might be a few letters short of the alphabet.Allow me to explain,there used to be this story book called magic shoes. Now that is exactly what i want; magic shoes that when worn make me invisible. Can you imagine the things i could do if i was invisible *sighs*?Al i can say i would do my best to do good where good is relative, no guarantees.

Then its rainy and cold in Nairobi. Its so cold that i have reverted to sleeping in a sweater, socks and tracks, at least in the event of a fire am set. A while back, someone suggested that to create jobs how about starting an agency where you can hire someone to sleep next to you and keep you warm no strings attached. Am sure that would sell if only now i could guarantee that some customers wont ask for extras *smh, maybe a contract would do, Shiroh, any ideas?

18 April 2007


Now that the insomnia is over finally,i can have the dreams. The song below is one of my all time favorites it never became a hit yet it does it for me.In true high school fashion, i want to dedicate this song to someone who always makes it alright for me.
With mingi love to W,what more can a girl ask for,thanks.

11 April 2007

You are invited.

(click on pic to enlarge)

This is an invitation to the Korogocho Medical Camp that's being organized Rotary Club of Nairobi East. We need volunteers form medical practitioners/ students and others like me who know nothing about medicine for other administrative tasks


Please inform your members that there will be free transport from Toona Tree at Museum Hill from 7pm. People are expected to assemble there at 7am with departure scheduled for 7.30am. There will also be free lunch.This is an opportunity to serve the community and all thats required is your time and energy.

Service is working and giving, and not regretting the cost;
Its knowing and understanding that no good deed will be lost.

5 April 2007

Easter blessings

what does the cross of Jesus mean?
it's more than songs we sing
much more than the emblem on your chain
but it means i am free
from the chains of slavery
and the blood he shed won't let my sins remain

upon the cross my savior died
the lamb was crucified
showed us love that this world has never known
oh what love divine
truer love you'll never find
o that we might live
love came and died alone

for the cross will always represent the love God has for me
when the Lord of glory heaven-sent gave all on calvary
(he did it) just for me, just for me
Jesus came and did it just for me

just for me, just for me
Jesus came and did it just for me
just for me, just for me
Jesus came and did it just for me
by Donnie Mcclurkin

God's blessings to you and yours this Easter and everyday.