6 February 2011

Sunday Afternoon

So this is how my Sunday afternoon was spent. Anyone who has been on this blog long enough knows about my love for food and cooking. I finally got round to making three foods that i thought were hard to do.

The first is ndengu aka green grams, soaked then boiled then stewed.

Mr. Gish loves Chapati and i wasn't so sure i can make soft ones. My last attempt, the result was Chapatis so hard that if a guy threw them at you i was sure they would cut your head off clean. After googling and consulting i took the plunge and Eureka, we did it.

Finally, some snacks for 10 o'clock tea. So i got some puff pastry and sausages so here is my first proper baking project- Pigs in a blanket.  Now to think of some other recipes. By the way, Happy new year to you and yours.