13 September 2005

Who AM I?

Past weekend decided to get away from Nairobi to Fisherman's camp in Naivasha. While out there with little to do I decided to find out who Iam. This is what I came back with arranged in no specific order: -
Iam a unique individual, I have my own way of doing things .I over so often try to fit in with people by doing things their way and behave how they expect me to but it ends here.
I would rather be at home watching telly, reading a book in bed with a cup of coffee rather than be out dancing. Don’t get me wrong I love to dance just not every weekend it does get boring.
Iam conservative and traditional, I believe in being a lady which to me means not cursing loudly, talking when I have to
I still believe in the man as being the head of the house regardless of all other factors so I will submit as my mother taught me.
I still believe in one man one woman and that married men belong to someone else thus I have no business there same applies to men with girlfriends.
I would like my man to be first and most important God -fearing, assert himself quietly, strong ambitious understanding and real.
I love jazz, classical music, music of the 40s till early 90s,ospel, country, dislike except or the likes of Susan owiyo, Eric wainaina, harry kimani, mercy Myra, Susan kibukosya and all those vernacular songs.
I love to go for coffee at Java make that a double black no cream or milk and just sit there sipping as I watch people walk by or read a book or magazine.
I love God and church, that is what I knew as I grew up and most precious to me.
I love to go to church on Sunday, sing hymns, dance to choruses, chat after church then after a junk lunch go to Kengeles Nairobi west for the best live band music ever.
I love zilizopendwa the likes of T.P Ok Jazz, simba wanyika, les wanyika etc.
I love to collect and read books and magazines
I love to volunteer the reason I joined rotaract club especially to work with children who are less privileged than Iam. I wish that I could wave a wand and wipe all their troubles away.
I hate to see old people who have been neglected or dumped in a home and forgotten just because they cannot do anything for themselves.
I love antiques; they are precious, old and one of a kind.
I love poetry, it ignites my heart and makes me come alive
I’d rather have a glass of white wine chilled than a crate of beer any day.
I love to meet new people and make new friends, which I do easily.
I love to read and learn new things and iam always looking to improve
I love to cook and try out new recipes and spoil the people I love
I love 100% the kind that no mater what always remains
I know where am coming from and I have ideas about where am going
Family is everything to me.
Still believe in love, magic, miracles and that God has a man and a plan for me.
I love children, they remind me of how simple life used to be when it was either right or wrong, white or black no grey area, innocence and purity.
I would rather have one tulip over a dozen roses any day.
Iam more of a realist than a dreamer.
I care about my reputation, what the society thinks I represent so I watch my behaviour for appropriateness.
I love it when it rains, if I can I get into bed with a book, glass of hot milk or coffee or just sit in bed and watch the raindrops.
As my friend David says Iam a chipaholic (n’one addicted to chips)
All my friends are way older than Iam by at least 4 years.
I get along better with guys rather than with gals.
I love to karaoke yes karaoke and open mic sessions.
I can be moody and unpredictable
I love Afro-fusion the likes of Angelique kidjo, seif keitah, youssor ndour etc
I love to tryout new things and to wine and dine such as Ethiopian at red sea and Brazilian at panari sky centre.
I love theatre and the arts, love to look at paintings trying to figure out what the painter had in mind.
I treasure and love my alone moments. I have learned to depend largely on myself and less on others. I love to take trips alone and just do what I want to do without asking another.
I hate begging, being vulnerable and the feeling of helplessness.
I love to be in control and have standard that are sometimes too high even for me. I hate to fail.
Am proud.
I love the quiet stillness of the night when I can even hear my own thoughts.
I love the great outdoors and enjoy camping out under the sky.
Iam over ambitious and a procrastinator.
I like to standout from the crowd and hate to conform, be just part of the group.
I have learnt from my mistakes and those of others.
I can never be too proud to apologize.
I love to read the bible and think of such.
I love slow music, my taste in music is more influenced by the words and the feelings brought about
I trust easily.
I love action packed movies the likes of Rambo, John Wayne and Jackie Chan just but a few
I can’t stand a man who cries all the time.
I cry in private and rarely in public.
I love to travel to places I have never been to and revisit those that I have been to.
I love weddings, parties, birthdays, Christmas, new year, Valentines day
I dislike exams, tests, gossip and haters
Love sports.
Onmy epitaph: Beloved Daughter and Friend.
I don’t make apologies or excuses for the person that Iam what you see is what you get it can only get better not worse.
Iam made up of several parts: -
The God fearing, always looking to do his will but keep failing
Social, me, try to make everyone at ease around me
Loud me, talks too much, braggart and can be a pain at times
The lady, gracious, considerate and full of manners


  1. eeh a flexible dude u r... mmmh

  2. Wow! Thats alot about you. Pleased to know you and you do sound like a nice person.

    Oranges for ever.


  3. seems you've got a big heart!I dont think i know myself that well right now.I think it is coz I am bila time for me right now.Keep the posts coming!

  4. That's eerily similar to the 100things about me list I wrote waay back when...wow. Do I know you? Do you know me?..hehe

  5. WOW with capital Ws and O.

    Deep lovely stuff! Thx for sharing!!!

    @acolyte LOL at bila time for me LOL

  6. Your post reminds me of what one of my favourite poets, Audre Lorde, said: "If I didn't define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people's fantasies for me and eaten alive."

    Like you Gishungwa, I have always found it most important to define and know myself.

  7. Wow my girl wow, I hate myself for been gone for so long, I see I almost if not missed some great stuff but catching moments are so almost here I can smell them!

    I love your list kabisa. I totally relate to some of them and may be u know which. I just love ur transparency!

    Great, great post!

  8. @nakeel
    am very flexible FYI
    @blu poet
    i like to think of myself as nice and tis great to know you too. Mashungwas forever.
    you have to create time for you or there will never be enough time. just wake up earlier or sleep later and get sometime for you.
    you were one of my inspirations and we do have a lot in common spooooky.
    thank you too in every way. muchias gracias, arigatou and merci, ibwega sana etc
    i think Audre read my mind. If i dont know who am then i cant realte, plan then am lost.
    wassup gal, no you are never gone for long. thank you.

  9. Love your list you sound like an interesting person to know.

    Feel you totally on being chip'oholic. Thanks for sharing the real you.

  10. hey the say maturity and wisdom begin with the realisation of self. MAny people go thru lives not knowing who they are... or are too scared to stop and inflect...and this is a good thing for u(zilizopendwa and all)

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  12. prouesette
    we should form chip'oholic anonymous
    *blushing* thank you

  13. that made a good read, thank you.

    i think i should try this for myself (not on my blog), coz i found myself thinking of each comment in comparison to myself (if that makes any sense).

  14. It is always good to know who you are, althought can be scary. Well done for the courage to both learn who you are but for sharing. There are some elements in you that we share - like the quiet nights and solitude.

  15. Veeery nice about U list Gishungwa! You seem to be a well-grounded, very focused & yet a free spirit out to brighten the days of those close to you.
    Am so with you on:
    -have learnt from my mistakes and those of others.
    -hate begging, being vulnerable and the feeling of helplessness.
    -... hate to conform, be just part of the group.

    It takes lots of strength to make such a personal(ized) list but am sure it leaves feeling stronger & more sure about yourself. Again, hats off to you!

  16. @adrian
    you should it makes you reexamine your life and the feeling is great.thank you
    love quiet places guess its the feeling of peace that comes with it the stillness.thank you
    thank you
    it does make you feel stronger yet cahllenges you to work on the things that you dont like about yourself. hOw about you do a list huh!thank you.

  17. nice blog enjoyed it :)

    Keep up the excellent work! and i bookmarked u!

    so cant wait for ur next post! :)