15 March 2006

Download Kenyan Music

Check out the following link:- or www.mymusic.co.ke
proudly in partnership with where i spend my day.
gimme your maoni and tuma salamu oh by the way dont forget to put your akas the true tanzania style.


  1. hey, i would like to check it out but the links are not working ...

  2. Me too, I missed you how are you?

  3. I have been trying that ka-link for ages (from kedo Nov last year) but bilaz!!

    I need me some:
    Nikki and Collo - Hii Ngoma
    Wyre - Chuki

    And where have you been hiding?

    Ama ni ma-personal best? LOLOLOL

  4. sweetie u know the drill...download then swing them my way!

  5. @spice
    that should work for sheezy.
    missed you too, am just very busya t work but will soon be able to roam the streets of KBW freely.
    check your mail
    personal-best unless you are offering ti hi hi hi
    @ nich
    such as a$$, you know for sho will hook you up badly you know that oh and swing all that lovey dovey canlde lit s*it si u jua candle lit pilau is coming up soon.

  6. Hey Gish!!!
    Lost, quiet...post something girl! How are you?

    I wanted that Nyota ndogo 'nibebe'? Any change I can get it.....I cannot seem to navigate that site ma ngai!

    Keep well.

  7. Got very nice tracks from there

    K.Sewer is a Beast, quickly becoming one of my fav emcees

  8. I didnt even know that site still existed!I may have mucho dollars but the Kenyan in me still prefers having peeps at home buy the actual cds and send em to me, it's much cheaper that way!

  9. Looking good! I like the selection and now I finally have a place to get the songs I like. I'll be back to play around the site and buy.