22 March 2006

Dont Know Why?

Don’t know why I didn’t call, write or text you
Don’t know why when you came close I shrunk back
Don’t know why when you’re not here I long so much for you
Don’t know why am dotting yet have lots to say when apart
Still don’t know why?

Don’t know why I can’t seem to do right by you
Don’t know hwy I can’t get you out of my mind
Don’t know why my heart skips at the sight of you
Don’t know why at the thought of you I can’t help but smile
Still don’t know why?

Don’t know why I wish you were in my arms and I in yours
Don’t know why you have such an impact on me
Don’t know why memories of moments shared linger
Don’t know why I can’t explain a lot of things
Still don’t know why?

I know that your friendship means a lot to me
I know that I’d love to spend more time with you
I know that you’re great company and treasure times shared
I know this without a shadow of doubt

So this is my invitation to you
An invitation to walk through this door that’s open
That’s leading to an offer of friendship
Pray that you would say “Yes”.


  1. Hey second in, not bad. Hey great stuff and thanks for the music link I needed that.

    Take care.

  2. "Dont now why i took this much time to discover this blog."
    Nice stuff

  3. I'm sure I'm not the guy being talked about [I'm assuming it's a guy. And a lucky one at that], but "yes".

  4. LOL @ Samb LOL

    Deep stuff Gish, deep stuff!!

    Hidden poetic talents I see...

  5. Hey Gish, you have been so lost. Samb of course it is a man. That one.


  6. Okay, jokes kando.
    Hey you. I feel you on every word. I wish I could take that and send it to a certain someone. Intact. Word for word.
    Its perfect Gish.
    I hope you are keeping wellest

  7. @mshairi
    thank thank.
    you are always welcome.thank you sana sana.
    you are always welcome here, will put on the kettle next time and we can chat.

  8. @samborera
    sorry my dear its not you and yes it was for a guy
    will be looking out for other hidden talents.
    {{{{{{shiroh}}}}}}}}}}}}lost , not really just maisha ya kazi.
    thank thank.
    yes you may copy and paste it on that mano and hope you have better luck than me.

  9. Lovely, How come I do not inspire poetic instances like this in anyone.
    Than again maybe I do... *smile*

  10. AAAIII I object! Because I swung by here and this post wasn't up and now 12 comments? and it reads posted wednesday, iz me or my comp? someone help!

    Lovely poem, dear girl!

    It all starts as friendship and me I know they'll say yes to it, yes!

    Tk care, donn be a stranger wewe and that music site that rocked kabisa and I heard some kyuk song during LA sevens called Muiretu wa Kabete okie dunno if u listen to kyuk songs but that shikad me kabisa! Hook a girl up if you got it sawa?

    Love you!

  11. I will do so babe......what a lovely poem!

  12. please say the followin phrase will swing


  13. Nice weekend. And you still don't know why you sms me??

  14. I'm here camping uko wapi wewe?