9 April 2006

Palm Sunday

Its glorious Palm Sunday. Let peace and goodwill reign in all the earth and in KBW as well. As we gear up to Easter and all that comes with it i pray that the meaning of this great time does not get lost in our busy travel and rest schedules.

I wonder what does the cross of Jesus(whom i believe in in totality)mean to you?
It's a reminder of a friend who chose to do that which no other person could.
It's the symbol of love in perfection,love as God intended it to be.
It's my liberation, my resting place where i lay my burdens are laid to rest.
It's a symbol of sacrifice, selflessness the giving of oneself completely.
It's a reminder that all iam and have is a priviledge that i deserve nothing.
It is more than words can express and do justice....
Happy Palm sunday and i extend peace, God's Peace.


  1. Happy Palm sunday too.Woii here in the US it is hardly noticeable. Thanks for the reminder.I almost forgot!!!

  2. @Irena
    karibu sana. Am going to church not sure how the way of the cross will be now that its raining but i know i want my palm frond.happy palm suanday right back at you.

  3. Happy Palm Sunda,
    Finally figured out how to make a cross from one palm frond. A hopefull Easter to you... that means Christmas is round the corner YIPEEEE!

  4. @stunuh
    that for sure is an art htey should ahve rehersal classes before palm sunday LOL. Now i wonder if u jua that its april xmas is in dec my dear anyway keep the hopes up.

  5. Imagine i didn't go to church yesterday (slaps self)

  6. Happy Easter in advance.
    Shi we sailing at the same boat...
    Gish are we meeting Richi... tsk tsk..
    Lovely week

  7. Yeah yesterday in downtown the St. Paul's cathedral had a match in honor and acknowledgement of the day. Happy Belated Palm sunday, Happy palm week and Easter in advance.

    Have a lovely week, babes!

    May the real meaning stay with us.

  8. @banks
    happy easter to you too
    bad girl you can make up for it by fgoing on easter. hapy easter.
    richi... hola ta me got ur number will call you we vibe this dose... and most probably we are on
    yes my dear, am trsuggling but better now pray oyu are better now yourself. I pray that too the meaning stays with us. will hola t you si u jua i will. mingi bado

  9. Belated happy palm Sunday to you, and happy Easter in advance! I love Easter - it's basically God's demonstration that life is timeless, and death merely a transition.

  10. Have yourself a wonderful Easter!!

  11. Thanks Gishungwa, my easter was nice and peaceful. Hope your was good too.


  12. Ok baby, what did I do this time, or did not do??

    The letter is in the mail. Speedpost matter of fact.