26 April 2006

counting down....

This weekend tarehe 29th April Inshallah:
First to a place on the shores of Lake Naivasha, Crayfish Camp

then is moto

Alafu from Ice black (singen'ge) to Johny Walker(Yohana Mtembezi) to nakeel si you jua mama Vicky na Richi

NOw from there is the full "muthungutho" all night

On monday


  1. Hhhehe you babe are fun, sounds like you're off to some fun-filled weekend, have a ball for me and you owe me that once i jet in, woi i so can't wait wewe ngoja tu!

    That mwaki looks so...wacha tu i can almost picture u around the bonfire pigaing storos of high school love letters lols

    Hheheh those akas for your drinks got me floored esp Yohana Mtembezi woi you're mos def kukuz in the head

    The Muthungutho sounds like fun and some with that kameme mami, she is moto

    My Ad to you for monday: call your boss and say you got Anal Glaucoma and when he asks what that means tell him you don't see you ass coming to work

    Have a beautiful time, girl! Muenjoyo ibambe :)

  2. @poi
    swty i will do exactly that (ji-ejoy) plus ensure that my phone has no credit lest am tempted to call you. the moto, the drinks, the muthungutho kwanza its live band, lucky me am off work get back to work on wenesday that should be enough time to recover.
    mushene to you first si you jua...

  3. @Gish-maa you kwanza sms tapo is on you right now so you better harakisha the reply before i ruin you muthugutho my dear eti no credit donn be hating now...

    Have fun kabisa!

    Bad girl? I don't name conditions(aka diseases) seeing ass not coming to work-description of that condition is Anal Glaucoma tsk tsk hihiih and u might be just of its many sufferers this coming wednesday, ninakucheki hehehe

  4. Have a ball!And come back in one piece!

  5. Enjoy long weekend. Also have some travel catch up to do

  6. Busy & hard working as you always are, you surely deserve this break Gish!! Now, if only I could come too...sob,sob!

    Nice pics & bila shaka utakula raha sawasawa. Enjoy & come around the blogfire & share with us.

  7. Wah wah wah! Super wish for sucha weekend! Enjoy sana...especially with that ka-Vicky...it flows sooo much with the muthungutho and mwenyenyo and of course, that ka mwaki right thurr! :-)

    @Poi..Anal Glaucoma? I've totally sareed! One more for my little excuses black book :-)

  8. LOL anal glaucoma!

    @gish:the lord is your shephard you shall not want!
    have fun and tingisa that 4.5 rump of urs and keep hoistin tem meru pillows-wink

    yours, A$$

  9. Sup girl. Hope you break bones (vunja mifupa) from all the fun, make sure you kula nyamaz, not "Cake na Chai" before you twangana with the liquour, ama u'll become another tributary that drains into the lake (kama beshte ya-mine). Storoz will be sambazwad hapa when u return, sio?

  10. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwww!!!!!!!! I'm jealous!!! can i hate you for a while? oh i soooo want a holiday like that!!!

  11. damn, si i wish i was you for just this one weekend? hope that you have lots of fun and be sure to tell us all about it!

  12. First things first, one more day plus am not working kesho he he he...
    sure will do and thanks
    safe travels and do have fun
    woiye my dear you can come with me anyway will tell you all about it on tuesday morning sawa.
    sasa si we go you put the name in action.Will have a baby vicky just for you
    @fave a$$
    looking to get the 4.5 reviewed by a n impartial board will ambia you what score i get...
    strictly beef water and liqour. will have the unedited version on time
    dont hate come away with me...1 for you too
    wil give the 411 as soon as am back

  13. Mama Richi now mbona u didnt say we go for the muthungutho?
    Will u be slaughtering Richi far from the Auntie now..
    U enjoy yourself girl Madaraka day pamoja

  14. like your pictures very amusing.


  15. Wow, this is a great post, it vividly captures what was going thro your mind. Well done. So did you get to do all this?

    Hope you had a good time.