3 May 2006

Veni Vidi Vodka...

Last weekend was just the one from Saturday to Sunday to Monday tsk tsk tsk…
So we left Nairobi around 3pm headed to the shores of Lake Naivasha more specifically Crayfish Camp. In the car my girl and another friend, after a couple of mugithi songs, some soul, zilizopendwa and rock we got to naivasha in an hour. So we have to check in at the reception. At this point I must admit that initially the main intention was to party with one of our all time favorite bands the Weavers Band. I do realize that this could be what they say ati those things you didn’t do when you were young will come back in old age. This weekend was laced with an offer for Kshs.3500 this included accommodation, food, lots of music and dancing, goat eating at midnight and the best of all an open bar all night (translates to Last Person Standing). That plus the company, jus the people who hang out with at the band was enough incentive to get me to naivasha. Now Weavers’s band is special to me because they play really good music (variety) plus over time I have come to know a couple of them closely (not KM knowing).
So am at the reception, we ask the lady there if the band is already there and she says what band? So I call my dear N and ask where the heck they are? When he finishes laughing he says the whole thing was cancelled. I relay the good news to my crew and we proceed to check in, we are taken to this really nice banda and where we proceed to freshen up. From there following Sammie’s advice, to the choma zone where meat is thoroughly organized, see the beauty is that you don’t wait its already prepared. Some Vicky and Richy (read as Viceroy and Richot Brandy) like that as we wait..Nakeel you would have been a very proud auntie...
After the meal, to the bar where we sit at the porch with a jiko provided then al the drinks flow from there… as we hang out in the bar we are informed that there is a disco(seriously the exact words) today and he points to the venue…
Let’s say some x number of shots later with a Smirnoff black ice as chaser, with my girl wanting to dance on the table, we were really ready to disco. To the disco, now this is a country disco in that you pay the cover charge, then they use some rubberstamp to leave some mark on your hand then you are in.

Now the disco is just a hall the floor is not cemented though not dusty seems water had been poured, then sambucca shots, then the dancing. Its like out of town Jack Swing you know coz the music they were playing was really old e.g. Murder She Wrote, you shoulda see the pirate dance involved in this story. Then back to the banda to drop a few things off now on my way back I bump into this clique that had a bonfire but were speaking in kikuyu. As I pass I hear the joke and I start laughing shortly am invited and since I can’t pass up an invite so I sit and soon beer at hand we talk away some men vs. Women vibe though in kikuyu now with some mugithi playing in the back from the car.
After a while I ran away literally gave some flimsy excuse then hightailed back to the disco lets just say I was there till 6 in the morning when I found my way to my room only to be woken up by housekeeping at 10am. Then to the lake dipped my feet in the water and just chilled, the quiet peace till you can hear yourself think utter bliss just the remedy for a hangover.
Later in the day, to the Delamere place for some nyama choma again, takeaway yoghurt plenty of fresh fruits and veges oh, and chocolate chip vanilla ice cream.Then Back to Nairobi just in time to catch Weavers Band at Pizza G(bango kibao), then from there straight to Psys(read size) Bar Langata Shopping Centre,where there was a blackout but like 30 mins later the lights came back on . Kidogo Calabash Band with some Rock then after that local music i mean really local like Osovo Lucy that Kamba song that just brings the shags mudu out of everyone.
Got home at 5:30am, Akiey, could it be that insomnia can be contracted via chat hmmm....
Oh yeah got me a new crash pad, diggings, digs, parking place... wooohooo.
Pole sana kwa Man U fans Kichapo from Chelsea then not one 3 bila jibu ata wewe ... sijui niseme?


  1. aaaaawww you lucky lucky being you!! I'm jealous...now i know who to go out of town partying with when im in kenya. sounds like such a blast!!!

  2. LOL you mean they didn't tell you it was off?? Bumped into Jamo on Wednesday and told him some people (YOU) would be very disappointed if they cancelled. Glad to hear you had your own fun though. Veni Vidi Vodka indeed!

  3. hmmmph! at least someone had fun.......

    Glad to hear your weekend kicked ass gal.

  4. wow, someone had a real party over the weekend. have to visit crayfish soon, but just for a day trip

  5. Now, on a very boring wednesday afternoon, I have to read this and I want Nyama - keep Vicky and Ricky LOL that is too funny - just give me Nyama.

  6. Jealous jealous jealous is what I am and next time am in the boat..
    I want to be close as we burry the niece and Nephew.

  7. Seems like you had fun! I am craving nyama vibaya sana hmmmmmmmm :-)

  8. Why U wanna go ahead & blame a brother for giving you a bout of insomnia that allowed you to have one hell of a ball Gish!!? :)

    LOL! @ pirate dance...people still do that on the dance floor & not for good old memories sake? Lemme get my mid-late 90s music bumping & do the Pirate as well:)

    Talk of contrasts, Gish has all the fun & more, band cancellations included and I got this weekend? Work, work & some side projects,lol!

  9. Hey Gish, rescue a homesick blogger in distress. Since you mentoined Bango, could you pls pass me some tracks when you get time. Will do a video remix and send it to you with the tracks as new audio for the video.
    Asante in advance!

  10. Glad you had a killer time dear girlfie

    Have a lovely weekend now!

  11. @kips
    let me know when youare in town we will plan and find a place that we can go to.
    @ms K
    its ok he made it up to me by playing all the songs i asked. Had a ball though so no loss.Veni Vidi Vodka indeed!
    thanks hope ur went well too
    you should if you want the rates let me know plus contacts.
    Woiye about the nyama, i could fedex it by overnight courier...
    next time you can come with me maybe this time to Arusha
    sorry sana, next tiem when we have the family coming together clearly auntie wil be first on the list.
    as i send Guess her share do you want some too?
    its not like its a bad thing the insomnia came in handy so i clearly owe you one payable via bango tracks any specific ones you would rather or my taste wil do?
    Pirate is a shady dance though 4 me it still rocks esp now that the settingwas was just right.
    Pole sana my dear, will embark onthe search for some serious tracks.
    let youjua at our usual forum.
    wassup babes, keep your head up si unajua there is mingi love here. and yes thank you i had great time.

  12. absolutely hilarious, refreshing to let your hair down... i will have a double of what they had please.

  13. Hey gal,

    I would have committed murder to drink like that!! I haven't indulged in such a long time and I always thirst for some but hey, work work work just kills the mood sometimes.....

    Good to know you hard a ball....I am so like 'Why not me'...LOL!

    Cheers gal!

  14. looks like you had a blast.
    you promised me something......remember?

  15. @missing link
    that will be a litre of brandy fot oyu me dear , how do you want it...
    on the rocks ama!
    Now murder not necessary just hola let me know when next...
    got upto 21 workin on getting upto 24.
    will sambaza

  16. Seems someone had a great time!I am so jealous!