19 May 2006


Its Friday at 4pm, am shutting down reason its that time of the montn when we do the office TGIF. Tihs translates to small talk but above all free booze and soft drinks plus cake all on the employers pocket for me it cant get any better.
Off to drink...
Will have one for each one of you


  1. Munch, munch and glug-glug away like there's no tomorrow then come around & share with us. Hope you had fun Friday.

    Okay, who said you can start drinking while still on the job Gish? Time up, step outdoors & get a tan you've been indoors too long your melanine levels have gone down,lol!

  2. Hope you didnt get too wasted!Hope you had a good weekend!

  3. thanks for passing by mine. I see a lot of alcohol happens on this blog....that is my god you know!

  4. Make sure that my nephew and nieces are well taken care of..