17 May 2006

How Much Longer...

He is leaving again at 4pm and he just got here last night. Gish is missing her Daktari today more than other days . Its been a while since she saw the doctor reason being that the doc has been working too hard. He has been out of town courtesy of his job for days on end only to be back for the night or day when Gish is at work then leave again in the evening. I have not seen him for 2 weeks now for me that is too long to have to wait. I miss him a lot actually too much really I couldn’t see him soon enough.
See I don’t have a lot of people close to me apart from my family I only got my sister-friend ann and daktari. These are the two people who know me better than anyone else. This man is my best friend, the one I run to with anything I mean literally anything. We have been communicating via SMS and calls when he gets here, that is simply not good enough for me. As far as am concerned, I want him here with me and until I have him in these hands of mine then all is not well.
I knew from the beginning from his line of work that he would be away but I never thought it would be this way. Initially I got mad, sulked, accused him to ann of staying away from me. Then this weekend, I got to thinking how unfair I was to him. He gets very tired and instead of understanding and supporting him I have just been acting up. So I let him know that I was sorry for the times when I have been unreasonable and unsupportive and being the good man I have come to know he calls me just to let me know that its ok. Phew! That was close almost screwed up the very thing that I treasure. Why am i ranting because i was going to see him today so now we have to reschedule for he leaves again tonight.

Some of the things that make him so special are:
>His love, passiona nd pursuit of God that i cant resist.
>His love for family and by my standards, he is a great father done such a wonderful job with his son.(and no he aint married!)
>He shares his life experiences with me seeing as he has been here longer than i have.
>From his experiences,he is been through drama yet he has come out better guess it goes with his faith in God.
>He is nothing close to perfect which annoys the heck out of me yet works for me since i aint either.We fight yet always seem to find a way to make up and compromise
> He has made me a better person and impacted my life in ways that i never thought of especially with regards to my relationship with God and family.
This man is alot of things to me.He is my best friend first then any other. Till then
I Can't Wait to Be with You Again

You don't know
how much I miss you
I live each day
as it comes
functioning in all my tasks
smiling when needed
even laughing at times
but inside I am so alone
each minute seems like an hour
each hour seems like a day
What makes this time bearable
are my thoughts of you and
knowing that I will
be with you soon

-Poem by Susan Polis Schutz


  1. AWWWW.... don 't worry boo! He'll be right back before you know it.

    Seeing as to how I have been dubbed the resident single in my household I will say this once and just the one time...Best line your butt up right, because it sounds like you really like this guy... DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT give over to feminine bouts of irationality!

    OK... back to Mommy mode, keep yourself busy and make your meetings with your young man special.

  2. ((((((((((Gish)))))))))).

    Sob sob, hush now baby, he will be back soon. I know how you feel about doc, so I really feel you there.
    Ma ngai, where will some of us get daktari's to feel like this about yaye!! Aiii, maisha is hardness! Mahiga kamwari....

    Be good for daktari you hear kamum...

    I know, its hard. Been there with the Long distance thing.....but its all worth it because you know, he is worth waiting for.

    Ask Kwess the idathi...tehe,

    Keep busy, work, play, hang with the girls, the friends, kina me you jua.....time will fly.

    It is ok to miss him. he gatta do what he gatta do so angalau the Gishdaktarilets have food on the table, and they can go to fancy schools sindio?
    Support him....it is important so that when he comes home to his woman, there is nowhere else he would rather be no?

    Ukamaka murembo ukwigua? Tugeta kunyua pints one of these njumamosis then ukinaigua bwega. tiu kamum? Baas, angura methori riu (LOOOOL, tehe)

  3. Hope he comes soon. And feel better

  4. Hugs babes! He'll be back, you know i relate witchu so hang in there...


  5. Hugs, Gishungwa.
    True, parting is such sweet sorrow! but thankfully he'll be back soon enough.

  6. Have you heard that JLo's song of hell be back? I can only give you that plus ((((mama richi)))...
    Hell be back to make up for the lonely days and nights...