15 May 2006

Monday again!

So instead of working i am surfing (bite me), and i came across www.reverendfun.com so here goes:-
Akiey :)

And since i didnt make to church was working yesterday,

and being two mondays to payday,

Have a great Monday and yes SMILE.


  1. LOL! Love that last one!

  2. @ m - kwani you were camped here how'd you get here so fast?

    just something about monday I guess - I have the monday blues even though I've been working since last monday.

  3. Its been a fabo day for me(so far), and the religious pics just made my day!

  4. thanx. I was looking for a laugh online.

  5. The cartoons are funny! If I could have a few wishes, one would be never to work on a Monday morning. I'm lucky I don't have to right now.

  6. @m
    he wasnt showy he just wanted his pic taken with the preacher... LOL
    what would be monday without the blues huh! All work and no play....
    Good for you and the pics... you are welcome.
    Welcome and thanks for passing by
    what i woldnt do to trade palces with you then again knowing me i would probably have the lues on tuesday so monday will do just fine.

  7. Thanks for the laughter M'Richi I just needed this..

  8. it's now Tues, but - just as hilarious and therapeutic for mid-week blues!

  9. i loved the 3rd shift joke. funny.

  10. oh..the pix were funny .. U know U aint fikaing the Pearly gates with such Biblical Mwakenya !