19 December 2006

Of Leave and Want to Party

Am still trying to recover from leave, me thinks i need leave to recover from leave. Initially i was going to Dar on a "mission" (Shiroh shush) but due to unforeseen circunmstances(phew! finally got to use that )plans changed. So left with 10 days to idle i had to be creative. One thing is for sure am thankful for my job. Ok bumming is cool but not for long so i decided to emigrate to my folks where i found my mother a tad too willing to host. Now she truly implemented "Mgeni kumpokea kumbe ni kujitongea", (My apologies to all who didnt read Kiswahili kitukuzwe), being that my folks are moving houses to their final house, fondly named "retirement house or till-death-do-us-part". For the aforemenitoned reason it was only befitting that i do my share of the job considering i wil be away as they pack and haul. Then the call on Friday to report to the office on Sartuday luckily just in time for the end of year party.
Monday morning, woke up all psyched ready to get back to work only to be drained and good to go home at 9:30am. That was after receiveing countless emails to respond to seems like all they did while iwas away was write mails back and forth and hold meetings so there goes all hopes of slowly sinking back in more like jumping into the deep end. Finally the day ended phew!
Today: I spit at these bouts of insmonia where i sleep well, only promptly at 2:35am am wake till some minutes to 4am. Now my mum told me that if you wake up in the middle of the night, pray because someone must be in need of prayer. Lawd knows i have prayed, query, kwani how many people need prayers now that it has been happening every night am its a vigil for the upcoming elections. When i finally nodded off woke up at 6:44am but by grace got to work on time. Thanks y'all who wished me happy leave. Am still trying to catch up with blogsphere.
A Meet-up (Yaay!) is brewing at Aegeus, ideally we should propose a date and place, so mine is this sartuday the 23rd, crime scene , where it all began:-buffet park at 3pm. As has been this is open to all bloggers, lurkers and all imaginary friends. If you have any suggestions you know you can either mail, im ,sms or call me. Unlike the TZ Meetup where there was an agenda this one is just chilling, catching up and enjoying the good company. Farmgal, i know we are on ama? Anyone else, Auntie Richi you know the twins deserve a proper send off ;)Till then...


  1. Lets see aaah...Leave, Bummed, back to work, blogger meet? Heehee! Reminds me of another one I...(oh n pliz do not inquire the source of this piece of info)...happend to see on Telly-Myspace bloggers...
    Ebu lemmi fika Aegeus's blog...
    WeroKamu niwakinya muCiI!!

  2. My friend, those bouts of insomnia are a way of Sir God telling you of your vocation..join the secuirty industry aka watchwoman..in your casetsk tsk tsk...

    Should you take up on your calling, please do advise and i can provide you with a mbwa kali by the name of Bosco for added protection !

    Utulizi Kwa Wote...ama ? lol !

  3. Werocamu mback, i see you are still suffering from post holiday nostaligia sweet punishment i call it. The insomnia i so feel you on that, kwanza the past week has seen me forcfully shut my eyes and tell myelf "GO TO SLEEP" maybe i should try praying.

  4. Mke Nyumbani :Todays recipes tomorrows disasters"

    2 blood stained ole ntimama pangas
    1 thieving ruto hand(1992 vintage)
    87kgs.of a power hungry raila
    1 Nyanza province size grabbed land from uhuru
    2oz of mutula's brain(that defended kanu for more than 15 years)
    1/4 pound kalonzos diplomatic dawa
    5 drops of tribal hatred at every press confrence
    3 ounces of wit and headline grabbing antics
    2 scoops of daily standard propaganda
    1 doze of slanted ktn reporting
    4 demonstrations &
    3 secret trips to britain to seek instructions and award future government contracts


    Add all the ingridents into a Bowl of Political Rallies.
    Stir carefully and ask no deep questions. and bake for 3 years

    4 foreign diplomats to give it a scent of legitimacy 10 african diplomats to give it continuental credit ,sprinkled with some remaining ktn slanted reporting ,glazed with an extra schoop of standard propaganda .


    (in small print)
    Consume quickly dont ask important question Now.
    Ask when we are in power fighting over the next MOU.
    Political ideologies and public policies not required .
    Development cannot be garanteed.

  5. Bantutu, Thangyou thangyou. pray tell that story..now dont make me beg LOL
    Aegeus,who said anything about clandestines ti hi hi, but the 10 days went by too fast.I shall sambaza the meetup details.
    D1, not that the idea hasnt rossed my mind if only they paid well.
    ZE don, this insomnia is driving me up the wall. sometimes am sure am imagining it LOL
    Try next tiem to stick to the subject sawa!

  6. Been on the same crying for another leave to recover from leave.
    We burrying the nieces in honour Sat.
    Since when did you hear Kenyan meetups with an agenda except the one we have. dash

  7. My leave just started so am still fresh.... but sato, me there! And welcome

  8. Work - the great reality check that reminds us of how nice & temporal holidays are. Except of course retirement, which is on it's way. So now that you are back to work, you'll miss out on the christmas break? I'm bila leave till sometime after april 07 so no joys.

  9. I am dying of curiosity here - what was the agenda for the TZ meetup? And if Kenyans were to come up with an agenda, what would it be - sorry, on second thoughts - what would it NOT be, hehehe...

  10. Hope your meetup works out...I am so jealous!!

  11. Aunty Richi,at least i seem to have recovered. I must admit that any agenda aside from ours would be a tad unbearable...
    .5&.5, Will be ready to welcome you home on Sat. See you there.
    mwasjd,am now loking at my ob in a different light heh! Am off for xmas break again from 23rd to 30th.
    Ichiena, got to Jikomboe's lakini we do have an agenda, hang out and enjoy ourselves what better agenda LOL. Is that a yes will see you there?
    Princess dont worry when you come home we will have one just for you.

  12. hehe, just in from Aegeus spot, looks like an interesting meet up.. to bad I do not fancy KBW meet ups, not my space or crowd. Happy new year