6 December 2006


Last time ...
So finally Lady Luck is a behaving like a lady or the planets are aligned or God has heard my silent cry for freedom. Being a swivel-servant, its moments like this i truly long for, yes, am going on leave starting tommorow for 10 days. I had made travel plans but they have been deferred so am sad and all but what the heck. Been moaning and growling about the whole thing then i realize that the people i love to hang out with are on leave also during this jolly period, coincidinky! The itinerary is bum, movies, bum, sleep, visit,bum and bum.Till then my good people


  1. Daud(Don't call me nice) El Rude!!!6 December 2006 at 15:09

    You have Fun!! You have earned it!!Happy Hols!!!!!

    Daud El Nice( I was first! I was first! gold star for me!!)

  2. Hey kiddo.. enjoy the holiday. Ohh but does it mean you will be working chrissi? Pity Pity.

    Alafu those photos.. ish I shtukad, I saw a blacked out guy and thought it was me passed out. But you never know, I have many incarnations!

  3. enjoy your holiday

    (No time off for other swivel servants) till January

  4. Madam.


    I am now shuffling away to go and envy you kabisa.

  5. Have mob fun, so green with envy, am stuck between cabbage green and leafy green.

  6. I'll be going on vacation in a few and will BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM self to nothingness...glad you'll be in BUMDOM with me...enjoy!!!

  7. Wassup girl, the site is looking pretty cool. So you're in a resting mood huh. Well am hitting all my good friends on this day as I mark my first year blogging..

    Be safe girlfriend.

  8. Shoot!!1 week afta, this Bantu's slow!! Aniway Working Krissi'll be smthin' to blog about,hihi!...Bum Fiti!!! Happi post Jamhuri day...

  9. enjoy yourself girl! happy holidays:-)

  10. Hope you're still enjoying your rest and readying up for the holidays.

    Thanks for an early preview of the pics, enjoyed both galleries & it's obvious you all had just the kind of fun needed to close a year in style.
    Will stay in touch Gish.