23 November 2006

The Stirring: Hush

STOP yes you stop, stop everything just stop. Be still,hush. Last night as it was raining cats and dogs i stopped. In the last waking moments before i drifted off to sleep, i decided to do something that i read about. So i lay on my back completely stretched out and did it :- " Exhale all the breath while gently pulling in the abdomen.Begin inhaling while puffing out the abdomen.Gently bring the breath upwards, allowing the rib cage to move up,then continue bringing the breath up, thus expanding the chest.Slowly begin to exhale the breath reversing this process, exhaling from the chest, allowing the rib cage to go down and then the abdomen to gently go down.Feel the breath go in and out of your body.Dont worry if your thoughts drift just breathe"
In the stillness of the night:-
You get to hear sounds that normally you dont hear or you are too busy to hear.
I could hear my thoughts drifting in and out.
I felt so much at peace
I realized how blessed am.
On this wonderful thanksgiving thursday, take a minute heck take five tonight, before you sleep and just be still thinking about everything and nothing then breathe,then tell me how it feels you know i will be doing it myself.
Happy thanksgiving to you all.
God bless you all.

Stepping Over Into the Abyss

I live for the stillness
that rests between the words
the distant spaces of thought
suspended by silken threads of light.

The web of life capturing my attention
sticking to the soles of my feet
which are rooted in sensual knowing.

Deeply alive and fearless
of the stretched lines
crisscrossing into nothingness.

I step over into the abyss
of silence and no words
no thoughts
no voice to be heard.

Darkness and light
become the illusion
for in this place there exists
nothing and yet all.

The universe is empty
without anything
moving through it.

I am the I AM

(from http://www.sanctuaryofstillness.org)


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too. I'm going for a thanksgiving dinner at an american couple's digs. I'll be sure to take more than 5 min to give thanks...

    PS: The breathing thing sounds like something...

  2. qwooooosa!

    t's nyc 2 stop 1nc in a whyl. a pal o mine told me about the whooosa technique. i have this kalog in limuru where i precariously put my butt and let everything go. works well for me. siku moja nitajaribu hiyo yako.

    happy t'anksgiving (whatever, huku hatuna kitu kama hii)

  3. Enjoy oyur dinner mwasjd and do come back and tell how it was. Breathe me dear breathe
    Modo though tis true that we do not have thanksgiving , ithink the idea behind it is noble and one to be emulated. So after the balancing or smack in the middle of the balancing act

  4. Happy shukran siku to you. I do need to do that relaxing thing.

  5. happy thanksgiving...the breathing things is really wow...sometimes, i just concentrate on my breathing...it helps me fall asleep especially when i'v got a thousand and 3 things in my head.

  6. Well, I would love to try this but how do i do it when the only moment I am asleep is when I am blacked out?

  7. Unfortunately, the turkey thing was another bash!!! Yaani, had to settle for apple crumble pie and ice cream for dessert. This followed 3 types of home made pizza, fruit salad and juice/soda.

  8. I feel you inner peace and tranquility. A wonderful state of mind to be in...

  9. I hope your holiday was great and thanks for stopping by my blog.

  10. Hey Gish... tad bit late. Hope yu'r thanksgiving hol rocked. mine was off the hook.
    I have tried that deep breathing... one of my Psych proffs made us do it. yu bet... total calmness, I almost drifted to sleep in class. I still do it, but only when am feeling tardy..Lol

  11. egm,you should try it out i can testify.Kips, i hear that it has really worked well for me esp after a long day it just works wonders.
    Potash, now how (KM 2006)dude stay off the napshizzle for a day or try the morning after.
    mwasjd, ebu you pass some of that pie. Got me all wishing.
    Aegeus now that is a good doctor pass my regards to him too. this thing is just too good.
    Mighty Afro,inner peace and tranquility what more can i want.
    ruben, youare welcome and thanks yes i did have good time.
    thanks y'all for passing by

  12. kymmbr i seem to be addicted to it must do before snoozing it just feels too good.

  13. tihihi.. napshizzle stimulates the mind.. it is what chemically induced literature is made off.. I drink and write or die!

  14. I actualli tried tryin your breathing x-a-cise but aah...lessjassay I was tired....hihi!!
    @Modo & Gish:Besides "whoosa" if you watched ANGER MANAGEMENT there's that one of "Goose-Frabaa"...
    Oh n reading that piece was like actualli duin YOGA...I was in touch with me insides...4 real!!...hats off E.L.P. kando.

  15. lets just say this user needs the whole wooosah package erm does it come in a cd offer?, the only breathing i have done is the one that requires that either i do it or i perish lol. but i shall try the technique you wrote, hope my lungs dont go on strike.

  16. I forget to do this.

    Thanx for the reminder.