15 November 2006

Do-it-all and Expiry Dates

What is wrong with us? I mean all of us Kenyans you know the political analysts without portfolio. Allow me to give an example; If the any head of an organization learnt that a particular department were not performing as expected what do you think he/she would do? Ideally he will call the manager who will be asked to explain what is going on and then sort out the mess right. Maybe you see where am going with all these?
So how come we (me included) expect the president to do everything from floods to clashes to weddings and all. Does the president have to attend to everything? If so then why do we need the cabinet? If he has to do everything then it kills the purpose of having a cabinet. I thought that good leadership involves letting people work out their roles and only stepping in where necessary to offer guidance or reproach where needed right??
I do acknowledge and realize that not all of them are doing their jobs so what is the next step? See where most of us work we have performance contracts; the deal is real simple you either perform or see the door. Is it possible to stipulate a performance contract for both the MP aka posers and also for the cabinet? The painful part is that I work my butt off, pay more taxes more than tithe and have nothing to show for is.
Everything has an expiry date right surprisingly even water yeah that too. I think time has come for us to have a fixed term for MPs and yours truly the president. Am concerned that most of our leaders seem to have a till-death-do-us-part attitude towards their political term. Is this the way forward ?
“On the contrary, if people (the voters) are empowered with civil education and thorough democratic policies are followed; MP's are easily limited by the power of the Voter. We still vote with our stomachs full on the voting day, and survive through hardships for the next five years of MP's terms. We cannot expect drastic development if we continue recycling players in the political field. We need to open up the field to new players with fresh ideas. Recycling of old players and old ideas has lead to the stagnated development. We now want creative minds and risk takers who will challenge the status quo. It is time for the youth to stand up for themselves and boldly demand for change. We need change in mindset; change in ideology and above all a change in guard. If we continue doing what we have always done, in the same manner that we have always done it, how can we expect different results? Development of a country does not just happen; it needs effort to be realized. It also requires commitment and above all a deep rooted passion for change.”

What is your $.02 ?


  1. am with yu all the way on this... someimes i just wonder what happened to us kenyans. so much politics talk and no results to show of it. when the prezzo stands up everyday an tells them to quit the small talk and do the fuggin walk for their people.... them ign'ant MPs just up their game.

    surely, we can do better that these. and those max limits shud be set on their asses so they stop seeing as if parliament is always gpnna be there for them. but what we can do better is go to elections with a candidate in mind who has a record that speaks well of him/her and one we can trust.

    it's the power of the voter. we can't vote reckless and then blame those we voted for. And i still think Raila is an imposter!!lol
    my $0.02

  2. The mwananchi needs to realise that it is not the work of the gvnt to feed him/her. I go crazy when i hear peeps saying "serikali itusaidie" and "serikali itupatie". We have been taught to wait for handouts and that is a big part of the problem. We need to mobilise each other into action. Build schools and clinics for ourselves.

    We must recognise that many, not all, of those in leadership do not have our interests at heart. The honours is upon us to ensure that they enjoy the briefest stay in the house. How can you explain Raila or Kamotho or many others holding office for as long as they have. we have snoozed as a nation, so we continue to lose.