9 November 2006


Am one to constantly look at myself in third person in a quest to be a better person. Therefore "The Stirring". This will be a weekly post done on thursdays about the areas that am working on and any other issues that am tackling. Why the stirring you ask, because its a arousing of actions that will result to a change. Just like the way you stir the porridge so it doesn't form lumps, so are the actions repetitive till we are done. Musta been what the teacher always said was it practice practive makes perfect or was it perfect practice makes perfect.
I am not Catholic used to be though back in high school so that i could go out every sunday. Actually i even danced in church you know in the procession yes i done it.Dont be looking at me like that everyone i know all grew in church. You know the sunday drill get up, shower, breakfast, wear your sunday dress gentlemen insert Kaunda suits here and ladies the frilly layered dresses et al to match, sunday school. They say its easier to talk to a stranger right so i followed my sister-friend and partner in crime to talk to a priest or spiritual guide to be politically correct. So i will try and share what am learning in these sessions with you and any other lessons learnt elsewhere. Why a priest, i have no idea i figure he will remain impartial and has heard worse than i have to tell.
what is life without a sense of humor.Please check out http://www.mchongoano.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1376


  1. Hey gish. Saw your post before I hit publish on mine. I had tagged that link. heh heh! I guess back to the drawing board for me.

    I was, is and will be Catho for a little bit more. Did escape the altar boy duties though. Wore the Kaunda suits (wonder why they were called that) uniform in color with all male relas, damn Deacons.

    Stir away. Let us see what develops. (pun intended).

    I know the comments are on backwards but that is how my mind is working today. Hope i do not reverse my car all the way home. heh heh!

  2. Self examination is a good thing. I'm just stopping through. Hello!

  3. Stirred, not shaken? N'ways, tis good this introspection that leads to growth.

    Ah, Kaunda suits. Do they still sell those? I might get me one while down there.

    Have a lovely start to the week.

  4. Awesome. I have also been on a self examinaton kick also, pondering my ways, and the problems with the world today.

    Good luck!

  5. Hehe.. those sunday plans. I went to a boarding school in primo and the only way to get out on sunday was to be catholic. Isn't it strange how everyone kinda grew up the same.. yeah, even I grew up in church. It shows, doesn't it?

    Aegus, they were called Kaunda suits because Kenneth Kaunda used to wear them.. you know like the way those pinstripped thingies were called Njonjo suits coz Njonjo wore them as a trademark of his british foppishness.

  6. @Aegeus
    hi am sorry. am stirred up already its coming well now. altar skiver-boy
    @stephen Bess
    thanks for passing by.
    yes they still do, what color do you want.
    Must be something in the air LOL. all the best will be coming over to see how its going
    me thinks in our days we all grew up in some form of religion thats for sure nd yes it doth show for you.
    thanks y'all for coming by

  7. I am a cool colours or earth colours person. For Kaunda suits I think beige is great. Which dukas sell them? I'll check them out when I land in 27 days.