18 July 2007


Tagged by Prettylyf
The Rules are:-

1. We have to post these rules before we give you the facts.
2. Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
4. At the end of your blog post, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
5. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Island Spice's 8 were a great read and juicy too.Here goes,

1. I don't know how to just show up at people's houses i have to call in advance to confirm that its okay for me to come over. Its so bad that i call my folks to let them know that i will be coming over.
2. I love being alone i can spend time alone without feeling the need for company. I sometimes will go out clubbing, to the movies or even functions alone plus the ability to just make random decisions on what next without having to refer to someone else.
3. I will normally take your word for it so that i expect that when you say you will do something you will and if you cant you will let me know in advance that you cant. A little naive but that's me.
4. I pray that i get married just so that i don't grow old alone, i admire how my folks just hang out the two of the them now that the nest is empty. While at it i would rather marry my friend since i think sometimes love is not enough.
5. I love to read if i could quit my job, be a professional student and have my bills sorted i would do it. I love school and books don't think i can get enough hence my going back to school and having my doctorate at 30( God willing).
6. Of men: I love older men(>=30 young;used to love and date foreigners just not white something about going black then one homeboy, been home since bla bla bla.
7. I believe in God and love going to church. I believe that then my Ma prays it will happen and will often call her asking she prays about something or the other.
8. I can be bossy, mwendwa can attest to that, but am working on it.

By the powers vested in me i tag *drum roll*
  • Aegeus

  • Archer

  • Auntie Richie

  • Kymmbr

  • La Cubana Gringa

  • Modo

  • Supaflyshi

  • Unyc

    1. OK...wacha I read first then I comment.

    2. How oh How? Tagged again...oh i ache!! all over pins needles...heeheheh!!

      The producer said i could not do comedy so i decided to try some drama...did it work? Now off to think of some!! Eight! This will be a task!

      While i am battling this word f******* bl***** veri thing Mocha steals first! 6th time i will soon tear out all my hair!!!

    3. This is spookie..theres so much resemblance lool

      1.Me neither but i think am a bit xcess coz i'll call you like 10 times lol call the previous day to confirm..the actual morning..when am in a mat(telling u am on my way..if i'll be late (1000apologies)..if am on time and u ain't (to sema i'll wait)..lol my pals get annoyed and say am wasting units!!
      2."Me time" is definately cherised!
      I at times go for movies alone, pple wonder why but my logo is-even though am with some1..once in there si every1s watching..we walk out..whats the diff?am there to watch the movie not have conversation!
      6.Never dated anyone close to my age (as in all at least +5 yrs) except my high school sweetie..was that dating even?lol

      Must meet you lol and now that i was tagged by Pretty and 3TOC..heh! si this was my post then??

      Nice list gal.

    4. thats cool, good to know ya...nw that u dont date yunger men, i collect my bone rags n rush thru' life :(

    5. @Gish: YOu and I need to hang out LOL I 'm excatly on # 2-I enjoy my own company more than anything & # 4 -I definitely would like to spend the rest of my life with someone but has to be a best friend too...Okay now I have no one to tag!since you have tagged all the targeted culprits.

    6. This tagging thing hasn't stopped?? But I love it lakini
      I pray for 4 too..n Same on 7..

    7. WHY? WHY? WHY?

      another eight reasons...bana you din't get enough after meet-up? okay. i'm taking down notes.

      sasa, since some of your are like mine, do i just copy-paste? 1, half of 2, 3, not 4, 5-halfway, 6-NEVER, 7, 8-nope.

      and who gave you those powers...ashindwe...

      mocha, that stuff you're named after must be keeping you awake sana...

      boyflani, kwani unataka wangapi?

    8. Brilliant student babes you're. For doing yer homework, ta!

      I'm right there wit you on 2. I enjoy my own company kabisa, I love been alone, there is just something about aloneness can't queit place my finger on it, that solitude, ah.

      On #1-I dislike going to people's houses totally. My moms used to drag me to fam gatherings mpaka it got to the point she just let it slide, I'd stay at home while the whole famo went and noone knew me plus I was in boarding school all my life so one day we went to church and some friends of my moms could not believe for the life of them I was her daughter, yup twas that bad

      I love ALL your list, ultra fab!!!!!!

    9. I believe that special someone will come calling one day, someday. Just keep your mind open. Marriage can be enjoyable :)

    10. You can definetely come visit me- atii you call first. yes, you ca definetely visit.

      I too like my own company but be warned, I will be found talking to myself. It is NOT madness- it's the voices in the head coming out to play.

      number 3- would life be so simple. if "yes" meant " yes" and "no" meant "no".

      tip-toe-ing around 4. I would love to get married to a friend, if I was sure I am going to get married- I am in a "maye I am not meant to get married state" at the mo.

      Another one who likes to read- liking it.

      I love God.Is your mum one of those prayer warriors- prays until somthing happens. I would love to do that but I sometimes impatient with God's replies.
      Nice list

    11. Thanks for the tag! I changed the game a little bit, but I've done it. Come on over to play along!

    12. Mocha still waiting ..
      Aegeus, oh c'mon it cant be that bad.Drama is also a maybe lakini get cracking LOL
      Betty&Irena, we need a private meetup even if on chat, hit me up and lets talk.Irena, retag them all.
      boyflani, pole sana blame it on those who came earlier LOL.
      Klara, your prayers to God's ears, may they come true.
      Modo, the meet up made it worse so now get to work 8 good ones. Myself thats where the power is from.
      Prettylyf, thank thank. By the way does lab coats count as uniform?
      Ugo daniels, Hey welcome to this our home hope to see you around more oft. Not in a rush to get married if its meant to happen it will.
      3TOC, i always that my ma had a special direct line to God, she does pray a lot especially for family.
      la cubana gringa, am getting to work ASAP. thanks for accepting the tag.

    13. Woi now why the tag sawa tu.
      No wonder the clicking feel you on #1,2,7 N 8.

    14. Alone....I relate...kabisaRestEST!! I do movies,"private parties" Yeah you party with yourself, your stereo...and those 6 bottles of guiness that THEY din't notice went missing during last weekend's bash , events(read weddings & funerals)...alone.
      Aren't you the conglomerate...
      Mwendwa should testify.
      I HEARD YOU MET MY TWIN BROTHER...on that meet? He's says...hihihi!!! "Nyss meeting you.."

    15. Nakeel, mamie get to work wacha tetesi.
      Bantuts, great meeting you and your twin. Flying solo is great sometimes.

    16. Important info... future tense... i would like to marry..... now now this is unfair...!!!

      I also do enjoy my own company with help of DJ Laptop, net & 12 pak ivi!

    17. Gal u tagged me.... kuja nikuchune

      We have a lot in common like calling 2 confirm severally am on my way, r we still meeting blah blah.

      If it were not for putting God first in my life, i think my life wld be a mess.

    18. I'm with you, I love school and books! God willing I'll be a professor and be in school all my life :).
      right on with numbers 2, 3, 7, and 8 :)

    19. PHD By 30 ...hmm wanted to but looks like its bilas all i will have to settle with a be a mlevi by 30!

    20. @Gish-why, yes they do count. When are you coming?let me in
      I need to write you stranger

    21. Gish: I second that private meet up. Name the e-location and I shall turn up ...

    22. We have so much in common gich #1,2 and 3!
      Nice to know a little more of you.

    23. I love being alone i can spend time alone without feeling the need for company

      I love my company too! I could do with friends who are me!! hehehe