30 July 2007

Tagged Again!!!

Tagged by Aco so here goes:-

1. Where is your cell phone:On the table
2. Relationship: enjoying every bit.
3. Your hair:braided.
4. Work:new challenges, loving it.
5. Your sisters: 4 by blood couple by friendship.
6. Your favorite things: Books, cuddles, strokes, liquor, family,music, friends, traveling just a few...
7. Your dream last night:too busy no dreams
8. Your favorite drink:Tusker Malt,Sambucca, Fresh juice
9. Your dream car:Range Rover TD6, Toyota Hilux SR5
10. The room you’re in:loads of nice music
11. Your shoes: not enough
12. Your fears: death of a loved one.
13. What do you want to be in 10 years:a mile from here.
14. Who did you hang out with this weekend:camping with mwendwa
15. What are you not good at: Asking for help
16. Muffins? some from Lavazza coffee house
17. Wish-list item: digital camera
18. Where you grew up: Naivasha
19. The last thing you did: talk to mwendwa
20. What are you wearing: pants,sweater,shirt,bra,shoes,watch,string.
21. What are you not wearing:hmmmm
22. Your favorite pet:dont do pets.
23. Your computer:full of music and downloads
24. Your life:great
25. Your mood: grateful
26. Missing:baby sister in boarding
27. What are you thinking about:mwendwa's departure
28. Your dream location:Carribean
29. Your Ex:Married and still chasing.
30. Your Favorite Item:my phone
31. Your favorite color:red, orange and blue
32. Last time you laughed:this morning
33. Last time you cried:whenever my folks call.
34. School:Can’t wait to go back.
35. Love:is a verb.


  1. Fao?

    This list thing is catching huh? sijui i do mine....

    Na alafu iko wapi application? And the way i ran here!! 3TOC is winning....

  2. hmmmm

    this tagging thing sef...i tire me...

    lol...favorite thing sex....

    ex - married still chasing....



  3. nice blog u have got here, my first time here,

  4. Your fav. thing is sex, now that's very interesting ;)

  5. na mwendwa is going where now?

  6. pamela,anuboy you are welcome here. Ex, yes married but still running after younger women, somethings dont change.
    Ugo, good seeing you.
    farmgal, back to noah's land.

  7. Pole abt Mwendwas departure (((hugs xcess))).

    And enyewe this list be interesting!
    We'll neva have enuff shoes and orange rocks!!

  8. This list is getting round! Pole for mwendwa leaving, where to, when and what sall you do?

  9. EXCUSE ME FOR ASKING BUT DOES NO-ONE WEAR UNDERWEAR ANYMORE? ish number 21!!!!!! Sii La senza will close down.Kwani when did this memo go round? I am still vaa-ring these things kwanza zile za mother's union!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. @Gish: Okay No. 6 = Strokes hmmm , now what strokes are we talking about here lOL :-)))
    No: 29: LMAO - Your ex- married and still cheating ..ahh that made my night LOL

  11. Ahaa! And more is revealed!

  12. Betty, shoes and sock can never be enough, thanks for the hugs.
    nusumbili, he leaves this friday back to his home.
    3TOC,its comfort above all else.
    Irena, he is an MBA(married but available)which is kinda sad since i was almost the one. strokes/strokage/squanyos the usual.
    Aegeus, i refuse to call you N. and yes more is revealed.

  13. What the $%&#??

    ***drumming fingers kwa table not amused...!

  14. 29, who's chasing? him or you?

    interesting...yep indeed more is revealed..AEGEUS! N ni nini ni niniii nini!

  15. I am with 3TOC on her question, are there any more ladies wearing PANTIES??? I have seen kadhaa of these lists and it seems panties are no longer the in thing. No complaints though.

    Fav colors, I can’t see them on one outfit. Like red shoes, orange skirt (no need for panties, but do I say) and a blue blouse. That would probably be a lightining waiting to happen.

    Love is a verb…only?

  16. @3n-love is a verb. and a verb is a doing word!

  17. Glad I count as one of your sisters :)

  18. inexes,all good things take time.
    Modo he is.
    3N, God forbid that they be, anyways panties who said i dont wear please reread.
    3TOC, good student. Love is something you show more than you tell someone about. If you tell someone you love them its not the same as you showing that you do love them.
    P, you know i have nothing but love for you. You are a good sister thanks for the support.