27 September 2007

You dont know my name

Claimer:I got this on my hi5. Still don't have answer for him yet i figure you will give me tips or at least learn and laugh. You know what to do after the three dots, leave a comment. Edits italicized.

YOU"re the kind of lady i am searching for.How wuld you feel to have a man that will cheerish you, feel you, share you happiness and sadness all the time. A man that will be there to give you all you want, satisfy your wildest desire, touch you were no man has ever touched.
Treat you like he's queen. Devot his time and attention to please you when neccessary.
A man that will share your dreams and build up your hope and aspirations together.A soulmate, partner and friend.
The love that you've searched for.
I'm here with my hands wide open to welcome you into my own very sweet world.
You're such a beautiful and adorable sweet looking lady, any man will fall for.
My name is Oga, i am 32yrs old, fair in complexion and 6ft tall, handsome. Inteligent, loving and romantic sweet young man.I am the kind of man any woman will desire to be with.I've all it takes to please a woman, the heart and the love.
I am self employed, an artist. I live in Lagos-Nigeria.
At my leisure time I love to play basketball, painting , swimming and
rugby, have a nice time in a cool atmosphere, go to the beech, watch movies.
I'm a very highly sensitive person, I'm as well considerate and conscious.I mind how i treat people, I'm cautious.I work very hard .
I love to kiss and cuddle, I like being in a romantic mood, cos i am too I don't really say I've bad habits. I'm a very fun- loving person, kind and like to assist people. I'm not very perfect, I've my faults but I'm a good listener and I adhere to instructions and corrections
I like to be in good moods, I hate to do things that will make me unhappy
And i only seek for matured and responsible sweet looking lady, with good head and ready to settle down.I'm a Christian, I love the things of God and I believe in his faith.
I'm still single and searching for that virtuous, caring and romantic woman who'll be my partner, friend, lover and wife in the very possible time.
I'm a kind of man any woman will desire to have, I'm not the best man but I try to be the best, that's my goal. I promise to give the very best to the woman after my heart.
You can reach me on email adress or call cellphone numbers Feel free to holla te me and tell me what you feel about me...


  1. for those who cn't see...............I was FIRST AND FAST

  2. Girl, you have made my day. I may eed to read this every hour on the hour leo. Laughing, rolling on floor, kicking legs in the air. This is simply put "INSANELY FANTASTIC". Atii the dude is not very perfect (kwani they are degrees of perfect?)
    Now Ihave to go to work. I am not done here.

    ahem, YOU (a certain expert) do you know this person ebu help Gish out. YES YOU.

  3. my dear sisto,this to mucho!!!a broda has ambitiono!!but he needs to define a few things what does he mean a woman with a good head :-z!!

    but look on the bright side,its going back international and this time in style he has defined himself totally no questions left to ask!!!how often does that happen???:-)

    he is rare i tell you o!!

  4. 3TOC the first and fast,glad you had a laugh and they say the art of letter writing is dead hmm. what expert you have no idea the drama in my life,straight jackets only.
    Sis,you know me best, will you be my referee. Plus a man can try. LMAO at strictly passport and visa holders only.na tumetoka mbali.

  5. Chic u must b having a big arse like them Nigerian women he he he!
    "with good head and ready to settle down" lol!!
    Chunga he doesnt koregea u over the net (kwa hi5) si u know how they do their thing, ama u've nevr watched their "scary" movies?
    Anway that love letter has made my morning :-)

  6. Do ladies still fall for such things? Of course the dude can't sell himself cheap. Yah know wharra mean? too good...

    Binty, he is not rare. He is all of us, ... I mean most of us.

  7. i am no expert on these matters but dude has angushad vibe!! waaah!! speechles here "I'm a very highly sensitive person, I'm as well considerate and conscious.I mind how i treat people, I'm cautious.I work very hard .
    I love to kiss and cuddle, I like being in a romantic mood, cos i am too" dude likes sex that is what i read...hehehe!! chick what did you do to roga the dude?

  8. adhahahaha...sorry no piece of worthless advice from me...that jamaa is the guy...malyrics kibao...ma expert wako...

  9. Some men could learn a thing or two from this guy, flowery language and all...LMAO I have no advise to offer, if you do not want him sne dhim my way.

  10. ROTFL! Wow, what a sales pitch. I wonder how long it took him to put all of that together. Girl, run like yu 'ear news, yu 'ear? Dis ya one too good fi be true.

  11. self-proclaimed or prescribed positives is normally a bunch of lies.!

    Everyone has this image about oneself, but it comes out slightly different to others perceptions that you yourself might not realize .. even if you tried!

    As for kip and his family.... my makendes represent the scum of earth.. the low lives that deserve no space in the world of mighty!~!

  12. Ok OK OK red flags waving like crazy here.... a guy every and any woman would want at 32 he must be married and if not why then ... he needs to declare that uh?? his he suggesting he is virgin mmmm cause if he is so good i can tell you no woman nah let him go.... second flag he is from Nigeria ... i say no more ...and there is so much more flags waving all i can see is red..... crazy fellow!! phssssbt . just a give man bad name.


    sWEETHEART, RAN, he sounds like he can stalk you from Lagos and uko Nai if you kataaa him.

    Marketing was learnt by the right people!

  14. Mami I hope by now, youhave replied this jamaa. I didn't read "patience" as one of his strong points. Don't keep ma brada waiting....he go cry now.

    Me I have questions, firstly is there a chance I can use this type of letter soonest.

    BUt apparenly Oga will treat you like a queen and touch you where no man has touched you before. (AM I SEEING THINGS OR IS THIS WHAT OGA said? Kwan that is how Queens are treated these days!?)

    Now, can I ask and this is a VERY SERIOUS QUESTION, kwani all men that have not been met these days are all 6ft tall , fair in complexion and handsome?

    He has no bad habits........marry this one already. I am already wrapping that wedding present.

    Atii he is highly sensitive.This can mean one of two things, he is a type of crazy or he crys when he watches ice age!!!!!!!! LOL

    and to top it off he is matured..........now imagine if he had written you a letter before he matured. Pick a colour theme for the wedding already.
    Donlt worry when they get to the part when they say " is there anyone with reason why these two should not be married"..............all bloggers hands will be up in the air.

    p.s. where is that xpert???

  15. buhahahahaaaaaaaa! Hi5 no go kill me!!! lmao!
    so, wehn is the wedding? lmao

  16. 3toc.. You are the maddest women in the western hemisphere... lol

    ati " ...Is there anyone with reason why these two should not be married"...all bloggers hands will be up in the air.." LMAOOOOOOO

    Wewe you are a certified mwenda wazimu 9TOC!

    Gish.. you know what .........heri you even a ka useless random blogger throws darts at you than a some broda..who sounds like he is GAY..

  17. So Gish..........What u feel about the man????????

  18. LMAO........very funny, sounds too good to be true, thanks for stopping by tho'

  19. This letter is just a joke my dear sister.... He is a nutter

  20. I didn't even finish reading b/c honestly I've had it with nigerians, seriously what in the hell? *trying not to gag*

  21. And i only seek for matured and responsible sweet looking lady, with good head.....

    What in hell does that line mean?(rolling eyes...Lol)
    Anywho, this dude is crazy. And he is a Naijo? Aki like Prettylyf.. am pretty done with this guys. couldn't trust them for all the world.
    Advice? Run for yu'r life. And if he stalks yu, niite kama back-up. Lol

    I know these kind of mails, yaani online jamaas can really get Insane!!..Bt LOL, yaani someone can sit down type this!

  23. Am for the idea of advertising for love anywhere, anyhow, anytime but huyu Mnigeria amezidi sana..remember Mgema hakijisifu, walevi hukunywa maji..

    Tread well..You never know with this men from Iboland..They are always after something..GOOD LUCK

  24. fair in complexion? eh? i wonder that he had to add it, perhaps he thought it would entice you. Stupidity of the highest order. Oh my dear, there is limits to the lenghts men will go to get a womans attention and affections. I suppose you could regard his epistle as a compliment, (at least for the few minutes it took him to write this gibberish).

  25. LOL! I'm sure he posts that on every woman's profile he comes across!

  26. sounds like u got ureself a nice broda.. go for it..just make sure u invide me for de wedding..i will bring present for oga and his gacungwa..

  27. Lucy, Welcome to mi casa.Glad to have made your day all the same i don't believe in e-juju.
    Catch up, Ladies do still fall for corny lines though he took it too far. welcome here see you around.
    MF, i have done nothing to the man i don't even know him. I figure if you are going to blow your trumpet do it well. LOL
    Modo, and they say "wooing" is a thing of the past.
    Prousette, he gets full marks for the language and when i find such i will fedex him to you.
    Jam Dawta, I ran so fast, he must be a sales man in real life.
    Kip, trying not to rain on his parade but that deal is just too good.Dude, am flattered and thats all wouldn't take him seriously.
    Bobby, my instincts exactly. Plus who said am any woman. He tried too hard despite all still got faith in men.
    Betty, Stalked only if he has the contacts i got his though maybe i should stalk him. If only i had the time.
    3TOC, replied nah that would give false hope s and endless scripts like this ones maybe i can just edit his and send it to him. Yes you may use the letter.
    Touch me where no man has touched me, now that will take a lot of touching ;). the expert absconded the letter was just too positive LOL he does sound very ideal just not real enough for me. Seeing that we are in the money read "artist" like that we will just hire a wedding planner and with threats like that bloggers invites will have to be reviewed.
    Truth Be Told, wedding invite only if you bring me naija outfit for the evening party. LMAO
    Maragand, spooked and a flattered even though i know its a copy-paste job.
    Kipusa, when the deal is too good... you are welcome
    Yusuff, that i don't dispute and welcome.
    Prettylyf, where is that polka dot outfit you know you in the maids line up. Some naijas are good then there is the rest.
    Kymmbr, good head LOL,blame the gutter.got you on speed dial now you stay put.
    Klara,i doubt he typed must be a template.
    Pilato, welcome here. tembo hili halinywiki LOL. will do and thanks.
    Ugo, classic.
    Amazonia, welcome. i wish he knew that i love dark men hmm minus one point. Compliment taken at least for the 2 minutes to copy-paste form template.
    Stunner, I could bet the same too.
    Frankie, Frankie you are officially invited now get shopping.

    To all, thanks for your comments. Still haven't replied, don't even think i will. Thanks for passing by it means a lot and if there ever is a wedding you will be invited LOL.

  28. Gish - i know someone who met her fiance via hi5....

    I really do not know how you should go about verifying his profile..but it never hurts to send a friendly email. But do not give out too much information about yourself.


  29. Pamela, thanks i know that there are genuine people on the www yet i would rather not start something i can finish.

  30. Dude is either gay or a conman ... seeing as he is from - ahem - where he is from, I am strongly leaning towards the latter.

  31. first time here thanks for your welcome. LOL, funniest most sincere guy Ive ever read. make sure you write back and be as sincere as possible because he really put a lot of effort into that letter. and post back the reply will you ;)

  32. Hear advice from a web veteran.

    This could have been created by a computer software; for saneness sake, its from a social network (hi5)

    Remember, on the web, even a dog can be a romantic.

    Thrash it. Do not even think about it.

  33. Oh God!this guy is a "saint".ati "I'm not very perfect...."funny!lol!no such man ezists in my books.If he did, he wopuldnt be single, trust me, let alone on Hi 5