27 September 2007

You dont know my name

Claimer:I got this on my hi5. Still don't have answer for him yet i figure you will give me tips or at least learn and laugh. You know what to do after the three dots, leave a comment. Edits italicized.

YOU"re the kind of lady i am searching for.How wuld you feel to have a man that will cheerish you, feel you, share you happiness and sadness all the time. A man that will be there to give you all you want, satisfy your wildest desire, touch you were no man has ever touched.
Treat you like he's queen. Devot his time and attention to please you when neccessary.
A man that will share your dreams and build up your hope and aspirations together.A soulmate, partner and friend.
The love that you've searched for.
I'm here with my hands wide open to welcome you into my own very sweet world.
You're such a beautiful and adorable sweet looking lady, any man will fall for.
My name is Oga, i am 32yrs old, fair in complexion and 6ft tall, handsome. Inteligent, loving and romantic sweet young man.I am the kind of man any woman will desire to be with.I've all it takes to please a woman, the heart and the love.
I am self employed, an artist. I live in Lagos-Nigeria.
At my leisure time I love to play basketball, painting , swimming and
rugby, have a nice time in a cool atmosphere, go to the beech, watch movies.
I'm a very highly sensitive person, I'm as well considerate and conscious.I mind how i treat people, I'm cautious.I work very hard .
I love to kiss and cuddle, I like being in a romantic mood, cos i am too I don't really say I've bad habits. I'm a very fun- loving person, kind and like to assist people. I'm not very perfect, I've my faults but I'm a good listener and I adhere to instructions and corrections
I like to be in good moods, I hate to do things that will make me unhappy
And i only seek for matured and responsible sweet looking lady, with good head and ready to settle down.I'm a Christian, I love the things of God and I believe in his faith.
I'm still single and searching for that virtuous, caring and romantic woman who'll be my partner, friend, lover and wife in the very possible time.
I'm a kind of man any woman will desire to have, I'm not the best man but I try to be the best, that's my goal. I promise to give the very best to the woman after my heart.
You can reach me on email adress or call cellphone numbers Feel free to holla te me and tell me what you feel about me...

11 September 2007


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One of the commandments of good relations is "don't judge a book by the cover" and i broke it. Then i spent some time with you and realized there's is really more to you. Am glad that we both took time, looking forward to greater heights of friendship. And to think that i almost lost this opportunity. Lesson learnt.

3 September 2007

Daima Kenya

My heart swells with pride for these three especially:

Luke Kibet Marathon Gold. About time we brought it back home.

Janet Jepkosgei aka Nairobi Express, Maria twas real.

Catherine the Great you bring tears to my eyes. The prayers after you finish and the women who always meet you at the airport with the Kikuyu songs.

In moment like this politics aside am more than proudly Kenyan. God bless this great country and its people wherever they maybe.