14 August 2008

Upgrading... please wait

We all struggle with issues(read habits/people/things) in our lives that we know are not the way they ought to be or the way we want them to be. Sometimes at first attempt we set our resolve and its done. Most times we have to try, try again and just when we think we have nailed it, we get tempted or distracted then relapse. After one too many times, i decided to turn my issues to someone i have known all my life, God. With the help of my Ma and my bible study group i asked them to help me pray for an unspoken need. Unspoken need is when you need people to pray with and for you but you cant tell them the details.

I started by asking God to prune me, to rid me of all issues that were holding me back as well as derailing me. Truthfully, it is an easy prayer but i wasn't ready for what would follow. First, was persons who to me i needed their friendship, you know familiarity,sense of belonging, i love them , good times among other reasons. I found myself telling God the role and value of each person that He impressed to me to let go. Some habits and beliefs that were inculcated in me since i was a kid, words that i use because they capture my sentiments accurately. Some of the habits that i have learnt while growing up which define the woman that i have become as well as a few "survival" mechanisms.

Then i asked for the ability to say NO, which for me is particularly difficult to say to people i love and mean alot to me. Maybe even to say no to responsibilities that am asked to take on yet do not have the time but go ahead and pile them on. I am learning to say no with or without explanation depending on the situation as well as the person asking. This has allowed me to focus on fewer things which greatly improves my quality of work plus the added benefit of my very own free time to do as i wish.

Like most people in this day and age i wish i could just flip a switch and issues would be resolved, unfortunately that is not an option. I was reading my journal last night between 2005/6 and while a lot of issues have been resolved there are a couple that have remained the same. Yet some of those resolved issues when i wrote them in they seemed insurmountable, now its like they never were. Change is hard but necessary and am still being upgraded yet some of the things that am most grateful for is the support, people who are real and progress bar that keeps moving.
So what are your issues?


  1. It always brings happiness when you count your blessings and see how the Lord has done. Sometimes we take it as just the little thing that we request for.
    God answers in His right time and when it comes all will be answered.

    AM happy for you sister and hope for the best.

    (((AUntie Richi)))

  2. threetypesofcrazy14 August 2008 at 20:43

    My issue is this.......eh let me think about that. How long you got?

    I love prayer journals for one reason and one reason alone. The looking back bit. It's easy to have a prayer issue and pray about it at the time But the feeling when you come back and it has been resolved.The feeling of ticking off the answered prayers is like none other. Yes, the answers may not have been the ones we wanted but I was taught a long time ago, to be grateful for "unanswered prayer".Yes, I know all prayers are answered. By unanswered prayer, I mean the ones where the answer was not what you wanted. But God, He sees a THE bigger picture.

    And exactly why have I got carried away here. Okay, okay, I am going.

    Liked this.

  3. Upgrading is good! Wish you luck. My issues are too many so lets not go there today!

    Things always work out, thats what I say to myself and they will work out for you as long as yu have Love and support!

  4. You give me encouragement. I have embarked on a pruning exercise and I already feel lighter.
    My issues? Are you joking? That will be a post with a part two and three!

  5. Oh the joy of answered prayers.It is a sign that they are listened to though there are very many times that I wonder if He does listen to them. I am so happy for you.

    My issues..? Do you have the time and space sprinkled with a lot of patience?

  6. right now? lollipops. shallow, i know, but hey.

    and i'm still working on the 'saying no without a long explanation' thing :)

  7. issues come and go and is learning to weather and overcome them that is important in life.

    least of all one should never forget how blessed they are and I am happy and truly blessed.

    cheers gish.

  8. issues from here to......., but I remember that each day I get to see is a miracle, God is not asleep and his arm is not short, let him prune you and make you better. snip snip snip

    Harh! Harh! Harh! Harh! Harh! Harh! Harh! Harh! Harh! Harh!

  9. I hope you receive the help you pray for, as that is the best source to turn to.

    I have so many issues right now, but one at a time with prayer is how I plan to approach them.

  10. You all have no idea the relief that comes with knowing that i am not alone on this path and that my issues are felt by others. Its always easy to focus on the problems and forget the distance we have come and the blessings that's why every so often we need to stop, look and take stock then we learnt to be more grateful. I hope we can remember each other even if occasionally in prayers for the strength to press on.
    Munjiru, good seeing you her, Lurk on.

  11. i am trying to live in the moment not the future, the others i cannot even begin to write here. the quest for betterment of self is a life-long task.

  12. its funny, i just wrote a post yesterday about how no situation lasts forever. we all need to learn to let go and let God. things always work out if we let go and believe nd just try. in retrospect we see the change, but when in the situation it always seems nothing will get better.

    i need to learn to say NO as well. its so hard, but it makes us get so overburdened and unproductive!

    great post.

    this is mona by the way i changed my blog name and url...so update it in your blog roll...keep writing.