7 August 2008

10 years on- Not forgotten

Daima (Kenya only) - Eric Wainaina

Umoja ni fahari yetu (Unity is our pride)
Undugu ndio nguvu (brotherhood/kinship our strength)
Chuki na ukabila (hate and tribalism)
Hatutaki hata kamwe (we don’t want at all)
Lazima tuungane, tuijenge nchi yetu (we must unite and build our country)
Pasiwe hata mmoja (let there be none)
Anaetenganisha; (that will put us asunder)

Naishi, Natumaini, (I live, I hope)
Najitolea daima Kenya, (I devote myself to Kenya)
Hakika ya bendera (The surety of our flag)
Ni uthabiti wangu (is my stability)
Nyeusi ya wananchi na nyekundu ni ya damu (black is for the people, red for the blood)
Kijani ni ya ardhi, nyeupe ya amani (green for the land, white for peace)
Daima mimi mkenya (Forever, I am Kenyan)
Mwananchi mzalendo (a patriotic citizen)

Kwa uchungu na mateso (with pain and suffering)
Kwa vilio na huzuni (with tears and sadness)
Tulinyakuliwa Uhuru (freedom was attained for us)
na mashujaa wa zamani (by the heroes of old)
Hawakushtushwa na risasi (they were not frightened by bullets)
au kufungwa gerezani (or to languish in jail)
Nia yao ukombozi kuvunja pingu za ukoloni (their purpose was emancipation – to break the yolk of colonialism)


Wajibu wetu (our responsibility)
Ni Kuishi kwa upendo (is to live with love)
Kutoka ziwa Mpaka pwani (from the lake to the ocean)
Kaskazini na kusini (north to south)

We still remember. We pray that it may not happen again in these lands or others.God bless us all.


  1. Amen.

    Never again.

  2. thanks Gish for posting this song, I love it!

    It brings up emotions from the dark period Kenya experienced and I pray we will never go through that again.


  3. threetypesofcrazy7 August 2008 at 20:50

    I love this song.And for some reason (don't ask, really do not ask)this song used to make my sister cry.Like I said, do not ask.

    Now however, this song reminds me of that day when the elections results came out- some radio station played it over and over and over again. And then everyone forgot the Umoja worse the results were announced.

  4. threetypesofcrazy10 August 2008 at 20:43

    worse = once

  5. The Song instills so much pride in me...it could very well substitute for our national anthem

  6. finally found the song on youtube...kinda hard to track it down - its not exactly credited to its title or Eric W.
    Search for a song for peace or click on the link. It was posted by NTVkenya during the post election violence...