21 June 2009

Happy Father's Day

I have always had a great relationship with my dad and its always been easier to talk to him than to anyone else. Like any other daughter, my dad's opinion means a great deal to me. My dad was the one with candy or bar of chocolate every day after work and that was something to look forward to. Our love for reading was from my dad who had am extensive collection of James Hadley Chase and many African Authors. Then there was the usual magazines like Weekly Review, Viva, Drum, Joe, True Love. I remember going for picnics after Church, Safari Rally during Easter Holidays, Upcountry for Christmas. My love for sports must come from watching Boxing Matches on telly and live, watching Football made in Germany,World Cup, Wrestling and Olympics. Then there was the movies and the music, my love for old music from all the LPs plus our battery operated player that still comes out to feature on special occasions.
It is said that ladies tend to look for their fathers in the men that they date. My dad is the kind of person who asserts themselves quietly, dependable, can get along with anyone, giving, proud and a great achiever.As time passes and i get older i now see him for who he is and yet i still know that he is the best that there ever will be.
Here's to my daddy dearest, my No.1 man, and all other men who step up and take care of business. You are truly appreciated and loved. Happy Father's day Baba Gish.


  1. happy fathers day to u too luv

  2. I just had my first fathers day. I have a little girl on 6.8.09.

    It was great!!!

  3. I suspected there would be a father's day tribute here.

    God Bless all those men who make fatherhood are beauty.

    To all the wonderful fathers.