20 June 2009

So Far...

Trust that you are all well if not, be well soon. I finished my exams last week, hard to believe that its already been a year. When i started out, i hemmed and hawed at the thought of a year and it felt like a thousand years.At last, the coursework is done save for the research project and defense which i look forward to get done.
Seems that while i was away blog world came alive and i have a lot of catching up to do,that is already work in progress.All in good time they say. Off to attend to a tag from 3TOC. Feels good to be back.


  1. Welcome back, will be watching your space :)

  2. Stay this time
    everything come to pass.
    welcome back

  3. CB, thank you. Intend to "write" more often.
    Robyn, will do my best.thank you
    B,great to see you.

  4. Glad you got those exams over with; I can imagine how good you must feel now that they're over with.

    Good to have you back.

  5. WHAT...........I am jealous. You finished. Okay I have three months to go but it feels like it is the work that is finishing me not the other way round. But then again I partied for like a month. So let me not make noise loudly.

    Congratulations on finishing. We are right behind you, hopefuly that finish line is not moved farther.

    Yeah.........waiting for the tag to be done.