19 August 2009


Greetings, yes its been a long minute. I need to figure out what about me attracts other women. I keep getting hit on women who for some reason think i might be willing or curious with offers of "if you are ever curious". Mostly i will smile and say i am not the least bit curious and only do men. The thing that fascinates me about these suitors if i may call them that, is that their game is so on point you wouldn't believe it. They complement,make small talk, make nice with the people you are with then go after you.
While am terribly flattered, i need to come up with a way to resolve this or to say no politely. Any ideas?


  1. LOLEST ok, at the risk of sounding like 'one of them' (which, for the record, I am NOT)it's easy to figure out. You look feminine enough to be eye candy, yet act masculine enough to be girl candy i.e. confident, independent, liberal and opinionated. You look soft but your nature is strong, best of both worlds. It's every lesbian's dream...

  2. Si you look good my dear..lol lakini I really cant help.

  3. LOL. I dont know how to help. I guess I will just watch. If a dude hits on me, its war!

  4. You're not curious...even the slightest bit?? I'm just asking. hehehe

  5. 3cb,*blushing* thanks a lot.Am at a loss for words.
    Fg, aki what to do.
    SupremeG, if it happens will invite to watch LOL
    Kafai, you will be the first to know if i do.
    Sibbie, actually not.Have really searched myself, still not curious.

  6. if we knew the answer to that one i.e. what makes a girl hit on you we guys would be applying it all the time. I gues most of them look for what guys would look for in a chick!
    lakini interesting dilema

  7. gish, look deeper...you might find some unexplored curiosity :)

  8. @bomseh :)
    @Monte,it is interesting guess have to keep smilling and say no nicely.
    @3N, my dear zero curiosity.
    @CP, i got it LOL.