16 October 2009

Help Me Make It Throught The Night

Its past 1am in the morning and i cant sleep. For some reason am feeling vulnerable even though i just spoke to him who makes all things better. I have been known to be a strong woman but this one time i don't want to be strong i want to be able to crumble and have someone hold me.I wonder how it feels to be able to just let go and be weak even for an instance, you know not to have all things together and composed. I wish you were here since you would know what to do with a not-so-together me. I know i will put on a brave face tomorrow and face the world but in the immortal words of Gladys Knight & the Pips:-

Take The Ribbon From My Hair
Shake It Loose And Let It Fall
Layin' Soft Against Your Skin
Like The Shadows On The Wall
Come And Lay Down By My Side
'Til The Early Morning Light
All I'm Taking Is Your Time
Help Me Make It Through The Night

I Don't Care What's Right Or Wrong
I Wont Try To Understand
Let The Devil Take Tomorrow
For Tonight I Need A Friend

Yesterday Is Dead And Gone
And Tomorrow's Out Of Sight
And It's So Sad To Be Alone
Help Me Make It Through The Night


  1. Me, I would have picked a slightly more angstious soundtrack. Something like, oh, I donno, Dear Diary by P!nk or B***h by Meredith Brooks...

    Here's hoping you made it through the night. And do cheer up, it's Friday! It's ok to break down, and even to cry and be held sometimes, but you can still make it fun :-)

  2. *hugs* You made it through the night no?

    It's good to have someone to hold you when you break down, someone who won't expect you to be the strong, put together person you always are.

    As for actually letting go, I've learnt quite recently to always have my ish together. When people are used to strong you, they tend to crumble with the crumbly you, unless they're really special.

  3. woah!some deepness...and mushyness..

  4. All is well, thanks for the thoughts. Back to blogging soonest.

  5. i love the way you write it represents everything i stand for in poetry.FREEVERSE...WHICH IS "WRITE IT AS IT COMES TO YOU"