15 October 2005

Counting My Blessings

Allow me to shout out loud and clear
Word so clear yet so dear
With neither reservation not fear
That am truly blessed by God
I have been blessed with life
The joy of seeing the begging of a new day
The sun, streaming through my window
The joy of seeing through the day
Having to experience the day and all that it brings
The mixed feelings of seeing the end
The quiet stillness as the night blankets the earth
Iam blessed with Family and friends
Family, a place, where everybody knows who Iam
Place were am loved regardless
Home where my heart will forever be
Friends the family that I chose myself
People who are my family away from home
People from all over God’s beautiful earth
Some I know and others am yet to meet in person
All who I have come to cherish and grown to love
Each of tem with a special place in my heart
Blessed with enough sorrows to strengthen me
Blessed with enough joys to gladden my heart
Blessed with enough trials to keep me growing
Blessed with conviction to believe and do right
Blessed with enough love to give, and right back at me
Am blessed with so much more than all these
Am even more blessed because you are part of my life


  1. take time to realise whats in front of you...and even when shit happens...surprisingly there is always a silver lining

  2. you are sooo blessed gish!! Thanks for reminding me that I am too!!

  3. Just wanted to tell you how I truly appreciate your comments and to thank you for that nice reminder to be thankful

  4. I see Nick and Milonare have said all I need to. Now everday I'll try waking up with a smile instead of the slight moun, when I remember the loads of errands I have.

  5. Your words are poetry my dear, pure poetry!!! Grazie!!!!

  6. Your words are poetry my dear, pure poetry. Grazia!!!!