15 October 2005

In The Name of Love

The things we do in the name of love. Am not passing judgment over what is right or wrong am just musing over the things that we at times do in this great name. See most of the time the opinion of others doesn’t count we know what we know and that is more than good enough for us. I came p with the following: -
Quit a habit that the other doesn’t approve or like e.g. drinking alcohol or smoking
Start a habit that the other does e.g. the above
Stop hanging out with your crew or friends
Change our dressing and appearances
Participate in past times that we don’t enjoy e.g. watching soccer
Avoid airing opinion that oppose that of the other
Liar Liar pants on fire, telling what the other would rather hear than the truth.
Disbelief vibe about partner from others
Deny ad make excuses for other ‘s wrongs
Get abused and still stay.
Give access to your finances, house etc.
Cancel your plans to do stuff with other.
Move in and play the wife.
Get Jealous, insecure, paranoid and obsess over nothing.
Steal the phone and read the SMS
Calls up those you think are potentials to inform them that you own him.
Spend all your time together
Have unprotected sex coz he wont use protection, it makes him uncomfortable boo hoo
Believe that he will leave the other ad marry you
Change religion/beliefs/principles
Lose or gain weight
Quit work and move to another part of the world or country
Have a baby/get pregnant to tie him/her to you
Spend more that you ca afford so as to impress them

These are some of the ones I came up wit. So what you have done I the name of love?

Counting My Blessings

Allow me to shout out loud and clear
Word so clear yet so dear
With neither reservation not fear
That am truly blessed by God
I have been blessed with life
The joy of seeing the begging of a new day
The sun, streaming through my window
The joy of seeing through the day
Having to experience the day and all that it brings
The mixed feelings of seeing the end
The quiet stillness as the night blankets the earth
Iam blessed with Family and friends
Family, a place, where everybody knows who Iam
Place were am loved regardless
Home where my heart will forever be
Friends the family that I chose myself
People who are my family away from home
People from all over God’s beautiful earth
Some I know and others am yet to meet in person
All who I have come to cherish and grown to love
Each of tem with a special place in my heart
Blessed with enough sorrows to strengthen me
Blessed with enough joys to gladden my heart
Blessed with enough trials to keep me growing
Blessed with conviction to believe and do right
Blessed with enough love to give, and right back at me
Am blessed with so much more than all these
Am even more blessed because you are part of my life

7 October 2005

Will You?

What is a marriage proposal? For me this is the proposition from either of the partners to the other mostly done by the man asking for the consent to partner for life. In my thinking, this is the result of a satisfying relationship for both culminating in changing the status to a more permanent one. How did this come up you wonder?
Case Study One
After DK(not the kikuyu musician) been away for a while traveling on business he comes back to town and as is habit calls me up for a drink so that we can catch up. We have no romantic linking and inklings. He suggests we go to Visions Plaza for nyama at the Maasai meat market. We get there and are sitting at the roof great view if i say so myself.The place is fairly packed, couples mostly. There is a band playing some really good music. We place our orders and get our drinks as we wait for the food. In the meantime we catch up on his travels and I tell of what mischief I have been up to. This guy is one of my boys we can talk about anything we discuss a few chicks as they pass and comment on some guys whom I think are cute. After we eat, as we are just chilling, the DJ announces that there is a guy with a special message for his gal. So I turn to him and the conversation is something like this
Me: *laughing*mjinga mwingine amepatikana some fool is about to propose *turning to look around*
*he laughs*
So I turn to look who that is then when am turning to tell him that the guy got cold feet coz it aint happening I see a brother on one knee. Some lady shouts say yes come on do it say yes and am thinking yes to what. Instantly I freak out, I see lips moving but I can’t hear jack the only thing that I can think of is how can you do this to me? the one thing that goes on and on in my head. Next thing I feel hot on my face, am pissed like hell. Grab my handbag , down the stairs into a cab and off home straight to bed. talk of runaway bride and fear of commitment.
Case Study 2 and 3
In this case both are working out of kenya.Long story short proposed on phone, still no romantic inklings. They are just my friends.

Now I wonder maybe I should be happy but am not. Iam a bit flattered though. I have had proposals before by a couple of people to have babies with them, reason being that they think that am a good person and would make a great mother boo hoo. For me not possible, see I want to get married and have children with a man I love, my best friend someone who I want forever with. I wonder if they understand the seriousness of marriage, that it is forever and that it takes hardwork you work at it everyday.Sadly i dont think of either of the in that way, maybe i have given them the wrong impressions or led them on without my knowledge. Anyway at 23 soon to be 24 (on the 23rd of this month *hint hint*) am too young and marriage is the last thing on my mind right now. I know that there are women who would kill just to have one proposal but I shouldn’t just consent so as not to hurt other peoples feelings.
I don’t know what to feel and think.I am told that when it is right I will know. My resolution is to give myself space and hangout with the boys less maybe make some female friends while am at it.as for you Cupid go aim somewhere else.