23 June 2006


When I got home last night there was a blackout thanks to KPLC. That was not the problem as such since I had candlelit everything. See there is no better time than when there is blackout and all is quiet to the point where sounds you normally don’t hear seem to permeate through the walls in some special diffusion (was that the point of high concentration to points of low concentration?) the likes of conversation between neighbors.
I have a tendency of killing without fear or prejudice all mosquitoes within my reach and that of my odorless doom. Despite the fact that they claim that its odorless, it irritates my nasal like heck am left in fits of wheezing and sneezing. I have a feeling that the Mosqi Rights Association had called a meeting with yours truly as the agenda and her destruction f the species. I must confess that I do take pleasure in mosqi hunting, picture this me with a slipper on one hand and doom on the other.The slipper is for those near and the doom for those without reach. Lately I have noticed that I no longer see their light weight carcasses anymore all that is left are bloody marks.
Last night it seemed as tough a troop of mosqi army and reserves had been deployed and a few form their kiganjo on attachment since the buzzing was unceasing. I could hear the buzz harmoniously sounding like “You killed my brother dieeeee”. I could see a whole legion of ninja mosqis leaping,appearing and disappearing behind puffs of smoke like in those Jackie Chan movies.
Eventually I gave up on swinging the slipper and finally the last doom ran out. Having saved the best and last, I unleashed what the atomic bomb was to Hiroshima, am smiling smugly and unleash my mosqi net ti hi hi hi and am thinking suckers! Now am good to sleep and live to fight or is it die another day.


  1. now mosqi's are a breed of themselves

    1.u can either let that annoying one bite u till it gets full and both of u can sleep
    2.i agree wit u those odorless maybehave no odour but irritate tha kcuf out of u...
    3.push comes to shove jifunike gubi gubi yaani ur almost suffocating under there nad the kamosquito is heard buzzin above u thinkin ur resurfacing huko...ha u wake up so refreshed kumbe u fainted na hukos and came too...

    i kill me

  2. My problem is roaches and I am Charles Taylor and have commited mass crimes against roaches till my slipper is brown-stained, but to no avail. When I turn on the lights at 2 a.m. there's still a mad dash to safety by their surviving relatives

  3. @nick
    All three dont work just kill the damn insect its easier for the both of you.
    LOL charles taylor of roaches. How come these things never go away tsk.

  4. LOOOOL, Kamum,

    Yaan how now do you chase mosq's wih a slipper. Good one!! Can you say S.A:V.R....what are the odds you will miss? Vle a mosqi is small, halafu a slipper s so huge...the odds that you will miss are so kidogo...chances are, if you can aim within a radius of say 'x' to the mosqi,you will bust its ass.

    Me, I gave up the fight with the gaddamn savages, vile me I live in a swamp, so **sighs**, they come in drones. I use 2 cans of doom per week...else, the net will do. Kwanja mpaka they had eaten into my net, so its torn torn...aki they have no huruma....so last week, I had to get a new one. tehehehe...damn those things haki....
    Then vile they fear lights....they only wait for you to switch off lights before they come Ppppaaaaaarrrtttyyy!!

    LMAO, halafu, you have just reminded me about some 'takeaway' story. How, someone semad ati they are takeaway in my diggs for mosquis...eti take away blood, cos vile those things buzz bila mercy. Never laffed like that me.

    Pole Kamum...keeping well?

  5. How did i miss this one? Mosquitoes don't touch me as i have bitter blood. I schooled in a mosquito infested area for a long time.