17 July 2006


How could you do that to me? Why?
Is it because I walked away?
Surely I can't be the first to have walked away from you.
Is it because I finally gathered the strength to shove back?
Is it because I lost the rose colored glasses and opened my eyes?
Is it because I accepted reality and chose to run while I was still ahead?
I loathe and despise you so much now
You played the saint, oh I know my bad, and I saw you as one
I treated you ass like loyalty and put you on a pedestal
I chose to focus on the good, damn the optimist in me
You never thought this would get to me now did you?
So it has and am truly disappointed in you
How low can you get or go,
Slandering and saying crap about me
Now I understand the looks on their faces,
So you think you are the hero huh, do you think so?
Actually they pity you the same ones you went to tattletale
They call me to ask if you are ok and apologize in embarrassment
Endless talks about God, you hypocrite, wine-drunk water-preacher
Who sat in the seat of judgement, shaking fists,meting out judgement
What goes around comes around, dawa yako iko jikoni inatokota
I should have listened to them when they warned me
Did I Nooo, I thought I knew better, they were just jealous, LOL
You told me they said and told them I said, and we all said
You divided us because you knew together we'd bust you
Guess what? We are back! Yes we bust your ass and we back
Yeah scary huh! We are back, hanging out like we used to
Only now we better than before, we free to be friends again
Part of me is sad though, not for you but for another
I wonder does she know, the woman you are marrying does she know
Does she know her man's a coward who can't face me and tell me the truth?
Does she know that the promises you make to her you make to others
Does she know the things you say behind her back?
Does she know that there is not only Mary but Dorcas and Susan too?
Does she know that you spoil her to make up for the guilt you harbor?
Does she realize that she will be stuck with your sorry ass forever?
Does she know that's why you wont marry her in church, coward?
Does she?
I guess not, unlike you I will let her learn on her own
Am thankful though that I got to walk away from you
Am thankful that this time I have learnt, next time I shall not repeat.
Am thankful that yes I did learn a lot from you
In light of this, you have lost my respect, and friendship
It is actually better this way, am hurt but at peace
Peace that i did my best but you,you failed
In the words of Eliza Tabor
“Disappointment to a noble soul is what cold water is to burning metal;
it strengthens, tempers, intensifies, but never destroys it.”


  1. God bless the child who loses her rose-coloured glasses, sees the truth, puts on her running shoes and runs.

    It hurts, but it will come to pass - in no time you will look back and say 'thank God I left that cr**-a** loser!' Head up!!

  2. ooh mama rich come here ((( G))).
    Justs as Chatterly has said it will come to pass and the hurt will go away,
    Am glad your realized and escaped mapema.

  3. @chatterly
    amen to that. Aint hindsight jusy the mutha.
    yeah ma glod too thanks alot